The Earthen Ring is composed primarily of members of the Horde, especially orc and tauren shaman. However, since the Earthen Ring's main concern is to keep the destructive and unpredictable elemental forces in check, the organization is not interested in the Horde's affairs, nor does it want anything to do with its politics. In fact, even though most of its members belong to the Horde, the Earthen Ring is not officially affiliated with it. Its mission is greater than that the Horde. Because the Earthen Ring's operates on a world-wide scale, and because it is not associated with the Horde, the wise group does not consider members of the Alliance to be its enemies.

Instead, the Earthen Ring believes that anyone who works to anger the elementals and embolden them is not only unwise and a great threat to Azeroth, but also the Earthen Ring's most dire enemy. Thus, the Earthen Ring views the Twilight's Hammer as its nemesis (and the Twilight's Hammer shares this feeling).

On the other hand, the group considers anyone who seeks to maintain the fragile balance of nature by keeping the elemental forces in check an ally.

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