Zandalari are friends of all trolls. "Friends" might not be the right word, actually, but the tribe is devoted to furthering the lot of all trolls. I mentioned that the island is neutral territory for all trolls, which speaks to the respect the other trolls have for the Zandalari. Even if, say, the Witherbark and Bloodscalp tribes aren't getting along, they don't kill each other when they go to Zandalar. They don't even punch each other — the hostilities end on Zandalar. Other trolls hold the Zandalari in great respect, as they are the descendants of the original Zandalari and thus a direct link with the trolls' mighty history.

The exception, of course, is the Atal'ai, whom the Zandalari oppose. (See "The Atal'ai and Hakkari," above, for more information.)

As for other races. at this point, it's difficult to say. The Zandalar trolls are not evil, but their interests lie with trolls, not with the other races. They have no desire for conquest or expansion, and they work with other races in their opposition to Hakkar. However, they are certainly unfriendly to non-troll visitors on the shores of Zandalar; that I can report from personal experience. In short, I'm glad to see exceptions like the Zandalari, who prove that not all trolls are bloodthirsty cannibals — but I don't think we can completely trust these fellows, either.

So there is hope. Years ago and again today, the Zandalari realized that Hakkar was a mistake. Was their decision to oppose him motivated solely by a racial survival instinct, or was there something moral involved in their decisions?

I ruminate in this way because, in modern times, I see trolls acting in more enlightened, civilized ways. The Darkspear jungle trolls have joined the Horde and curbed their natural (unnatural?) tendencies. The Revantusk forest trolls have been good people for a long time. And the Zandalari arrive on Azeroth's west coast for the first time in millennia, not to invade, but to enlist our help against Hakkar, who threatens us all.

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