The Dark Horde hates pretty much everyone. Its members hate the Alliance because they've always hated the Alliance, they hate the Horde because they don't think it's the real Horde, and they hate the independent factions for supporting their own agendas instead of Rend's. To Rend and his followers, the real Horde died when Thrall sold out to the humans. The only company the Dark Horde tolerates is its own: orcs, trolls, ogres, and a few others.

You might say the black dragonflight and Rend's gang are allies, or you might say the black dragonflight has enslaved Rend's gang. Either way, this pits the Dark Horde against all the other dragonflights in Azeroth too, as all the other dragonflights are enemies of Nefarian.

Rend and his followers certainly don't have a shortage of people who don't like them.

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