The Cult of the Damned is a loathsome organization, and all people with any sense hold are afraid of Damned cultists or are furious with them. How could the Alliance not despise it? How could the Horde not fear it? How can the Forsaken not see that the outstretched claw that reaches for their throats? The cult and the Forsaken are especially deadly enemies.

It seems now that the cultists passed the point of sanity at the moment they joined. At first, this may not have been the case: When the cult originally formed, it promised eternal life after death, just as the Church of the Holy Light did. The cult's promises were the same, save that people could see the results — people could indeed attain a form of life after death. The initial cultists did not know the Scourge's true plan, and joined in relative ignorance.

Now, of course, the Scourge cannot hide its plan. Those who join know what they're getting into. They're either crazy or monstrous — or both.

Some might see the Burning Legion as the cult's natural ally, but the Scourge (and therefore the cult) shattered relations with the Burning Legion in the Third War. The hatred between these two factions mirrors the hatred between Ner'zhul and Kil'jaeden; although the factions have never been in direct conflict, the Legion and the Scourge are like fire and ice — bitter enemies who spare no quarter in any conflict.

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