The Darkmoon Faire is a business (don't be fooled by the surprisingly few goblins involved), and good business practice is to be friends to everyone. The Faire splits its time between Mulgore and Goldshire, and therefore between the Alliance and the Horde; it is certainly a neutral organization. And unlike some other neutral organizations I could name, it does not use violence and underhanded tricks to pursue its agenda. Thus, others tend to view the Darkmoon Faire with amusement, whether or not they ever avail themselves of its services.

Of special note is the Faire's relationship with adventurers. Its seems the Darkmoon Faire's members always have need of free agents for one reason or another, from making boots to gathering missing cards to collecting the eyes of dead bats. The Faire pays its benefactors with Darkmoon Faire tickets, which the recipients can turn in to receive prizes — mostly of the mysterious "What's in this box?" variety. In this way the Faire manages to secure outside services without really paying for them. Ingenious.

And if anyone has the ace of beasts, please let me know.

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