Rod of the SleepwalkeR

Description: An egg-sized blue gem glitters atop a length of gnarled and twisted wood. The gem sheds an arcane glow that illuminates the length of the staff.

The origin of the rod of the sleepwalker remains shrouded in mystery, but it belongs to Twilight Lord Kelris of the Twilight's Hammer

Powers: When held in hand, the rod of the sleepwalker grants its bearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Intellect and Spirit. Three times per day, on command, the rod transforms into a +3 anarchic/+3 unholy quarterstaff for 10 minutes. The owner of a rod of the sleepwalker is immune to the dream spell and suffers a -4 penalty on saves against the nightmare spell. (The rod need not be in hand for the immunity and saving throw penalty, merely in the character's possession. See the Horde Player's Guide for these spells.)

Moderate transmutation; CL 9th; Craft Rod, bestow curse, owl's wisdom, protection from good, protection from law; Price 70,875 gp; Cost 35,474 gp + 2,835 XP.

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