Contrary to what some believe, the Earthen Ring was not created in order to fight the Twilight's Hammer; that particular conflict arose later. The group was actually formed to keep in check the elemental spirits. These spirits are by nature chaotic and destructive, but also capable of reasoning and clever actions.

The tauren have had shaman for quite a while now, but the Earthen Ring group itself is of more recent origin. People outside the group only noticed its existence about 150 years ago. The founding shaman believed that someone had to prevent the elemental forces from wreaking havoc; otherwise, the world would be in danger Thus, after several meetings and pacts, they founded what is now known as the Earthen Ring. With the passing

HeRoes and the GaRthen Ring :

The Earthen Ring seeks to maintain the balance of the elements by communicating with elemental spirits and keeping them pacified. In this manner, the Earthen Ring prevents elementals from engaging in the chaotic destruction that would otherwise ensue. As a result, the group has sometimes come into conflict with Twilight's Hammer cultists. The Earthen Ring keeps a low public profile and has no standing army, and its members tend to work in small groups or alone. Thus, they sometimes recruit heroes for assistance.

years, the group, which was at first made exclusively of tauren, began to include a growing number of orcs. Each race now makes up about half the group.

While members of the Earthen Ring have not been overly active in the past, the events of the Third War weakened the dimensional barriers all around Azeroth and elemental activity is now on the rise. Indeed, the Earthen Ring has never been more necessary. Agents of the group work hard to pacify the elementals, thus ensuring they do not cause trouble in the world.

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