Satyr Warlock Satyr Hellcaller

• 8th-Level — Ghost Boar (Su): This ability functions like ghost wolf, except the thornweaver turns himself into a boar (see the Monster Guide web extras: Animals).

• 12th-Level — Strength of Agamaggan (Su): The thornweaver can channel his magical and spiritual power to increase his strength and ferocity, calling upon the power of the quilboar's creator, the demigod Agamaggan. As a free action the thornweaver can sacrifice a prepared spell to imbue himself with this power. He gains an enhancement bonus to Strength or Stamina equal to the level of the sacrificed spell and retains these bonuses for 1 minute per caster level. In addition, by sacrificing a 5th-level spell in this way, the thornweaver can instead increase his size, with the same effects as an enlarge person spell (see Chapter 4: Magic and Faith).

As demons, satyrs hunger for life and magic, and they delight in cruelty. Many members of the Burning Legion are skilled wielders of fel magic. Furthermore, unlike arcane magic, the use of fel magic corrupts the user's body and soul. By contrast the chief danger of arcane magic is that using it inevitably leads to the desire to wield greater power: power that only fel magic can provide. Some satyrs become hellcallers — arcanists who, rather than summon demons, manipulate the entropic fire of fel power.

The iconic satyr hellcaller is large and imposing. He stands close to the rogues and warriors who fight at his side, allowing them to benefit from his spells. The green-yellow flames he summons immolate flesh and consume life.

Satyr Hellcaller Alterations

Satyr hellcallers are warlocks (or, occasionally, other arcanist classes) who manipulate entropic fire. Entropic fire is fel energy given substance: it is entropic fire that burns on infernals, and it is entropic fire that ran down the body of the pit lord Mannoroth the Destructor. Entropic fire burns, as does normal fire, but it is more sinister still: it feeds on life, including the life of its wielder.

Satyr hellcallers do not gain the fel companion arcana at 1st level, the summoner arcana at 4 th level, the enslave outsider arcana at 8th level, or the demonologist arcana at 12th level. Instead, a hellcaller gains the following class features, at the indicated levels:

• lst-Level — Summon Entropic Fire (Sp): The hellcaller can sear his enemies with blasts of entropic fire. The hellcaller spends an unused warlock spell slot to do so, and doing so is like casting a spell with somatic and verbal components and with the fel descriptor. Creatures can interrupt the hellcaller's attempt to summon entropic fire, just as if he were casting a spell; the spell level is equal to the level of the spell slot the hellcaller spent to use this ability.

The entropic fire manifests in one of two ways: Either a greenish fireball shoots from the hellcaller's fingers, or a blast of entopic flames suddenly and briefly engulfs his enemy. In the former case, the hellcaller must make a ranged touch attack to hit with the blast; in the latter case, the opponent receives a Fortitude save (DC 10 + the hellcaller's Int modifier + the entropic fire's effective spell level) to resist the fire and negate the damage.

In either case, the entropic fire deals 2d6 points of fel damage per its effective spell level. (For example, if the hellcaller spends a 2nd-level spell slot to create the entropic fire, it deals 4d6 points of fel damage.)

• lst-Level—Extra Burn (Ex): At 1st level, the hellcaller can choose to permanently remove all conjuration (summoning) and conjuration (calling) spells from his warlock spell list. If he does so, his entropic fire deals an additional +1 point of damage per damage die (4d6+4 for a 2nd-level spell slot, for example). He must make this decision at 1st level and cannot change it thereafter.

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