Shaman Variant ruatic Shaman

haman are masters of the elements, but some elements don't work well in aquatic environments. Aquatic shaman learn different techniques more suited to underwater environments. Murlocs favor this variant, though some makrura and naga learn it as well.

Aquatic Shaman Alterations

An aquatic shaman does not gain the flametongue/ frostbrand inspiration at 4th level or the ghost wolf inspiration at 8th level. Instead, the aquatic shaman gains the following class features, at the indicated levels:

• 4th-Level — Lightninglash/Frostbrand (Su): This inspiration functions like the flametongue/frostbrand inspiration, but aquatic shaman cannot create flametongue weapons. Instead, they may create lightninglash weapons, which deal electricity damage instead of fire damage. The aquatic shaman retains the frostbrand ability.

• 8th-Level — Ghost Shark (Su): This ability functions like ghost wolf, except the aquatic shaman turns himself into a Medium shark (see the Monster Guide web bonus).

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