Sheen of Zanza

Description: This bright green potion comes in a round-bellied glass bottle. The Zandalar trolls brew these potions for the tribe's use, and only bestow them on respectful outsiders who prove their worth to the tribe.

Powers: A character who imbibes sheen of Zanza must cry, "Blessed with the mojo of Zanza!" immediately after drinking in order to activate the potion (this does not increase the time required to drink it). The imbiber reflects the next spell cast at her back at the caster as if she were under the effects of spell turning with 9 levels of turning. The potion's effects end after 2 hours or when a spell reflects, whichever comes first. A character may only enjoy the effects of one Zanza potion at a time.

Strong abjuration; CL 14th; Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, spell turning, crafter must be a Zandalar witch doctor; Price 4,900 gp; Cost 2,450 gp + 196 XP.

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