Shield Spa RkeR

Description: This tech-mod adds a series of electrical emitters arranged about the surface of a shield. These cause the shield to crackle and spark with blue-white arcs of energy.

Powers: This tech-mod can apply only to heavy shields. When the shield is used for a shield bash, it deals an additional +1d6 points of electricity damage. Furthermore, if an opponent attempts to sunder the shield with a metal weapon or unarmed attack, he takes 1d6 points of electricity damage (whether the attempt is successful or not).

If the shield is immersed in water while the tech-mod is active, the bearer takes 3d6 points of electricity damage and the tech-mod shorts out for as long as it remains in the water and until it is repaired (requiring a DC 20 Craft (technological device) check).

Craft (armorsmithing) 12 ranks, Craft (technological device) 12 ranks, Craft Tech-Mod; Bonus Equivalent +1.

Goblins are always looking for new ways to enhance their steam armor designs. Steam armor is introduced in More Magic & Mayhem.

PoRtable TRansfoRmeR

Description: One of the difficulties involved with steam armor is moving and storing it. The portable transformer alleviates this difficulty by compacting the armor into the size of a large backpack.

Powers: This item is essentially a portable vehicular transformer (see the Alliance Player's Guide, Chapter 5: Technology) adapted for goblin use. (Of course, goblins claim they invented the thing in the first place.) The operator can activate the transformer without exiting the steam armor — he is automatically ejected from the interior as the device is disassembled.

All other rules for the portable vehicular transformer apply, including the Reflex save for the malfunction effect. Equipment Slots: 1 (any)

Activation: DC 10 Use Technological Device check MR: 3

Craft DC: 40 Cost: 5,000 gp

TRundling TReads

Description: Terrain can be a significant problem during battle. Warriors on rocky or soft ground have a tough time getting to their opponents. Steam armor w o

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