Sphere of Chaos Effects

Die Roll

(d10) Changes

1 Reduce person* (50% chance) or enlarge person (50%).

3 Alter self (75% chance) or polymorph (25%) to a random creature type.

4 Gaseous form.

5 One random ability score (Str, Agy, Sta, Int, Spt, or Cha) increases (50% chance) or decreases (50%) by 1d6 points (minimum 1).

6 Confusion.

7 Dimension door in a random direction 3d10 x 10 feet (if the result would cause the victim to land in a solid object, reduce the distance accordingly until he is in an open square).

8 Dazed (50% chance), stunned (25%), or paralyzed (25%) for 1d6 rounds.

9 Take 4d6 points of damage (50% chance) or be healed (50%) of a like amount.

10 Any other random spell effect (as selected by the GM, specified by adventure text, chosen by random roll, or picked via hero point — see below).

* See More Magic & Mayhem.

t See the Alliance Player's Guide.

subject to attack, or alternatively can be programmed not to attack up to three particular types or subtypes of creature, such as goblins, kodo beasts or fire elementals.

The machine operates for 3d6 rounds before starting to break down. Each round after this period elapses, roll 1d20, adding +1 for each additional round. If this roll equals or exceeds 20, the factory suffers a catastrophic malfunction, rapidly collapsing in on itself. Within 1 round it and all its contents are destroyed, dealing 12d6 points of bludgeoning damage to anyone inside, but no damage to anyone else.

A character can enter the (full-size) factory and attempt to either keep it working or force a breakdown. As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, she can attempt a DC 18 Use Technological Device check. If this roll succeeds, she can either add or subtract 1 from the breakdown roll, or increase or decrease the remaining operational time by 1 round, at her option. Regardless of how long a helpful tinker works to keep the factory going, it cannot create more than 100 clockwerk goblins before running out of resources (at which point it automatically self-destructs, as above).

Once activated, a pocket factory cannot be turned off without destroying it or waiting for it to break down on its own.

Fuel: A pocket factory requires 5 vials of liquid phlogiston, stored in an internal compartment. This provides enough power to last for the factory's entire operation.

Malfunction: The factory opens up and immediately implodes, without creating a single useful goblin.

Hardness 10; 10 hp (200 when expanded); Size Small (Gargantuan when expanded); Weight 10 lb. (8,000 lb. when expanded); MR 3; TS 25; Craft DC 125; Price 29,060 gp.

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