Sea giants, like Azeroth's other giants, are titan creations. The titans tasked them with dredging the seas and watching over them. The titans disappeared a long time ago, though, and not all — or even most — sea giants continue this charge. They are individuals and have diverged from their original purpose. Some, however, maintain their duty in current times, untold millennia later. They are fierce protectors of aquatic realms.

Sea giants live a long time: one to two thousand years. After this time, their elemental bodies fail and, like all mortals, they perish.

Sea giants don't like other races. They aren't evil, but they care nothing for others' lives or for the laws that rule other societies. They interact mostly with other aquatic races, such as makrura, murlocs, and naga; they attack these creatures when they violate sea giant territory (which may include some titan remnant the sea giants guard), but otherwise leave them alone. They interact more and more with the land-dwelling races, but only because those races now impinge on sea giant realms.

Unlike mountain giants, sea giants are not allied with any other race. Their tempers and minds are as chaotic as the seas, and other races probably wouldn't enjoy sea giant company. Still, sea giants are intelligent, so a sea giant joining forces or even forming friendships with other creatures is possible. Such an event is more likely to happen when a sea giant is young.

A more likely sea giant adventurer is one who travels the oceans alone. She probably motivated by the same sorts of inspirations that affect other adventurers: desire for riches, glory, or excitement. If she still follows the titans' ancient commands, she might look for titan ruins or hunt evil sea creatures that are likely to despoil the oceans. She might guard the shores against mortal encroachment.

Sea Giant Racial Traits

A sea giant has the following traits:

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