Both men and women emphasize learning, from weaponsmithing to spellcraft. Naga know the value of knowledge.

The naga have had millennia to adapt to their environment, and they make use of the surrounding areas and the native flora and fauna. Trained sharks, dragon turtles, and great serpents called tidal guardians patrol the waters around Nazjatar. Apparently this rapport is not limited to creatures beneath the waves, for naga forces on land include trained couatl as well. The naga also work with a race called the mur'gul, who were once murlocs, but are now brutal, warped, and twisted due to the Legion's influence.

The city of Mak'aru, the capital of the lobsterlike makrura, is not far from Nazjatar, and the two races cross spears often. The makrura hate the naga and slaughter them on sight; in turn, the naga show no mercy to the makrura.

All naga revere their queen, the mighty Azshara. They have never had another queen, and Azshara has become a living demigod for the naga. Everything they do is according to her design — and she has had ten millennia to refine her plans.

When traveling through Durotar, I met a strange race of pig-men living to the north of the Razorfen Downs. At first I thought they were just a bipedal and natural mutation of quilbeasts, but I soon noticed sentience and intelligence within the group. It's not hard to notice their intelligence; after I clashed with them and struck down a good number, their leader, a wizened old shaman, called for parley. Thus, my first encounter with quilboar began.

According to the shaman Rojmane, the quilboar are the children of the god Agamaggan. Rojmane said the first quilboar were born into the world naked and vulnerable. The Eternal nurtured the fledgling race, teaching them his ways. In a great battle, Agamaggan was slain, and where his blood touched the ground, great houses of briar grew for his children. I wouldn't believe a word of this, if I hadn't seen the dens for myself.

Recently, quilboar numbers became a problem for the Horde. Rexxar, half-ogre champion of the Horde, promptly dealt with the overpopulation. Quilboar have not forgiven the Horde for this transgression, and hold bitter resentment against anyone allied with the Horde. Heck, they don't much like anyone else either.

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