The Cult of the Damned

Many wonder why anyone would want to become undead. Each member of the Cult of the Damned could give a different reason, depending on when they became a member.

Before the scourging of Lordaeron, Kel'Thuzad's persuasive powers convinced many to join his side. He appealed to the downtrodden, the mistreated and the disenfranchised. He promised a life without hunger, poverty, fear of authority or inequality. Under the Lich King, all would be equally important and none would go hungry, grow sick, or die. This message resonated with the poor and hopeless of Azeroth, and many flocked to the Lich King's side.

Now, the true bent of the Scourge is clear. The Lich King desires the eradication of all of society, all the living. To join the Scourge today means to hate life. Only those who revel in death — true monsters — join the Cult of the Damned.

Faithful of the Cult of the Damned desire undeath and pay any price to get it. They serve their undead masters faithfully, desperately hoping to curry enough favor to obtain the glorious reward of eternal life. Other faiths promise eternal life after death; the Cult of the Damned offers it now.

While all cultists in this organization show insane devotion to the cause, few are actual healers. Druids find the organization repulsive, and most priests once belonged to another faith and have now changed their philosophy to embrace the darkness of existence.

Independent factions use many of the same spells the Alliance and Horde do. However, the focused nature of many of the independent factions sometimes requires specialized spells. Religious orders receive inspiration from their faith, often in the form of new divine spells. Arcanists belonging to a small organization might devote their talents to developing new spells, or the organization might hire outside help to research new magic for the group. While these spells first appeared among the independents, the Alliance and Horde have usurped some of the spells for their own use.

The following spell lists include all the new spells in this book.

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