The Old Qods and the Twilights Hammer Cult

Rarely does an entire organization turn to worship of the Old Gods; the insanity necessary in the faithful usually precludes any sort of cohesion. In truth, the Twilight's Hammer cult doesn't worship the Old Gods in the strictest sense. Instead the Old Gods seem to exert a powerful fascination over the cult. The Twilight's Hammer cult is dedicated to the idea of bringing about (or at least bearing witness to) an apocalypse. To this end they research the Old Gods, learning all they can about these mysterious forces and uncovering any influence the Old Gods might still possess over the world. The faction seems especially interested in Ragnaros, the elemental fire lord who rules the Dark Iron dwarves.

as demons, they became the Burning Legion's loyal servants. Satyrs pay homage to Xavius by living gleeful, sinful lives and committing acts of treachery they feel will honor their dark lord. Still, satyrs are evil, sadistic and monstrous demons. Whatever vague loyalty they feel toward Xavius is overshadowed by their devotion to Sargeras.

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