The Stolen Idol

If the heroes get suspicious during this encounter, make a secret DC 20 Spot check for each hero. If a hero succeeds, inform the player that his character notices the man's hiding something bulky in his clothing. The object is a large coral serpent coiled about a jagged rock, with a flat, sanded base. This is an idol the fisherman stole from the murlocs, and the reason for the aggressions. The man refuses to admit the theft, claiming the statue is a family heirloom. A DC 20 Diplomacy or Intimidate check reveals the truth to the heroes. During a fishing trip, the fisherman stumbled across the murloc cave entrance. He noticed the idol and stole it. He intended to take the idol into the nearest city and sell it. In retribution, the murlocs attacked and attempted to find the idol, but the man stubbornly held onto the statue, dooming his village. After a bit more pressure, the old man hands over the statue.

the end of her turn. A character trying to maintain her position relative to the riverbank can spend some or all of her turn swimming upstream. The GM decides which direction the water flows; as a default, it flows away (and out of) the complex).

Nonflowing Water: The rest of the cave simply requires a swim speed or successful Swim checks to move through (calm water, DC 10). Characters need a way to breathe if they're underwater; failing that, they risk drowning (see WoW RPG, Chapter 5: Skills, "Swim"). Every major chamber (living areas, court chamber, and egg chamber) has pockets of air at the top, where a character may take a breath. When underwater, characters can move in any direction.

Bad Footing: Above water in the cave, the moss- and spray-covered rocks provide little support. Any character moving faster than 1/4 his base land speed must succeed on a DC 15 Balance check or fall into the water.

It's hard to find cover or concealment to hide underwater (except along the cave's crags). Listen and Stealth checks function normally underwater.

Invisibility: An invisible creature displaces water and leaves a visible, body-shaped "bubble" where the water was displaced. The creature still has concealment (20% miss chance), but not total concealment (50% miss chance).

Stealth and Detection Underwater How far you can see underwater depends on the water's clarity. As a guideline, creatures can see 4d8 x 10 feet if the water is clear, and 1d8 x 10 feet if it's murky. Moving water is always murky, while all chambers are clear. (In many parts of the caverns, fluorescent moss grows, providing light in various degrees of illumination.)

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