Thekals Grasp

Description: This gauntlet is crafted from bone plates fastened tightly together with leather straps to protect the hand. Two sharp bones protrude from the end of the gauntlet.

Powers: This item is a +1 gauntlet, but the bone daggers cause the weapon to deal 2d4 points of piercing damage and threaten a critical hit on a 19 or 20.

Faint transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Magic Weapons and Armor; Price 2,350 gp; Cost 1,350 gp + 80 XP.

5 Air

Technology requires a certain amount of infrastructure for support. While just about anyone can take up magic with a bit of training and natural aptitude, you can't pursue science without some means to build things, and the natural resources to make this possible. Thus, many of the independent races and factions described in this book either don't use technology at all, or have only the barest access to it.

By far the largest users of technology among the independents are the goblins. Some say they invented the art, although the gnomes and possibly dwarves would contest this. Certainly goblins are among Azeroth's most enthusiastic users of science. They produce more research, devices and inventions than all the other independent factions combined — by far.

With the exception of the Dark Iron dwarves, most other independent races see technology as little more than a curiosity, if they understand it at all. Even the naga and pandaren, both relatively advanced societies, merely dabble in scientific pursuits.

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