To the Cave

As the heroes move down the beach, which is several miles distant, they hear the following:

A shrill yell comes over the sound of the surf. "Help! Help! The murlocs, they came back! The bastards took my grandson!" You turn and see Alman, out of breath, stumbling down the beach towards you. Off in the distance, smoke plumes rise lazily in the morning light.

An old man runs out of the house, panting. His skin is taut, but tanned, like an old fisherman. He looks bad, as if he's not eaten in days. As soon as he passes the door, he speaks rapidly. "Oh, thank you kind people so much! Those devil fish have been raiding our poor village for a week now, killing and plundering! The other villagers fled, but ol' Alman ain't going nowhere, that's for sure. I beg of you,

If the heroes follow the man to the house, they see that he was correct. The house has been reduced to a pile of timbers; nothing else remains of the village. Otherwise, the heroes continue to the cave. Tracking the murlocs brings the heroes to their cave, which they were approaching anyway.

After not much longer, the heroes come to a large cliff, with a treacherous path leading to a cave. This is the murloc community.

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