TuskaRR as Cha RacteRS

Tuskarr make good heroes. While few tuskarr leave their villages and families, a few are driven to explore the world or to take more direct action against the Scourge, whose depredations the tuskarr see but do not combat. Tuskarr are good-hearted folk who are devoted to their friends. A tuskarr makes friends easily, but it takes a long time for him to consider a group of friends the equivalent of his family. When he does, though, they have his loyalty for life.

Tuskarr tend to be soldiers and experts, but the few who go adventuring often take levels in barbarian, scout or shaman.

See Chapter 1: New Races for tuskarr racial traits.

"Goldknuckle" is a World of Warcraf t RPG adventure designed for four 12th-level heroes of any faction. Any classes may participate, but at least one tinker is a good idea. Boxed text is meant to be read aloud or paraphrased to the players.

The action takes place in the Hinterlands and involves goblins, elementals and constructs.

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