Tuskarr are, like quilboar and murlocs, a simple people with little in the way of technology. They barely even know that science exists — the few devices they've seen are incomprehensible to them. Even so, tuskarr have the potential to be tinkers. Perhaps one day they will join the gnomes and goblins as some of the world's most skilled engineers — but that day is far in the future, if it ever comes at all.

This section includes a variety of new tech-mods that can be added to weapons, armor and other equipment. Tech-mods are introduced in More Magic & Mayhem.

Virtually all of the items listed in this section were developed by goblins. Exceptions are noted in the text. While some of these items have started to work their way into general use, for the most part each remains specifically associated with its faction.

In general, activating a tech-mod is a standard action, requires a Use Technological Device check (DC 10 +

the item's bonus equivalent), and does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Exceptions are noted in the text.

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