acid does not harm surrounding wild life, so plants, shrubs and trees are immune to it.

Immolation Trap (DC 35): At 9th level, the subversive can build a powerful fire trap that continues to burn after it is sprung. The fire burns for 5 minutes. The magical fire, however, does not harm anything around it; only creatures or objects passing through it. This trap deals 1d6 points of fire damage per subversive level to the creature triggering it and anyone else attempting to cross the 5-foot-by-5-foot area upon which it is set. A Reflex save halves the damage.

Greenlife Strike (DC 38): At 10th level, the subversive learns perhaps his most fearful trap. He carefully rigs vines, ropes, branches, and/or any other material appropriate to the environment in a 30-foot-by-30-foot area. The trap, though extensive, remains hidden (unless a character finds it based on its Search DC, of course). The subversive can designate any 5 squares within the area as trigger points. When a creature enters one of these squares, the trap activates: the surroundings seem to come alive and lash out at the transgressors with swinging branches, whipping limbs and the like. Creatures within the area take 1d8 points of bludgeoning damage per the subversive's level in this class.

The GM may rule that some environments — such as a bare dungeon — are inappropriate areas for this trap and the subversive cannot create it within those locations.

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