Xavius was so corrupt that he became a demon before he died. He studied arcane power at the same time as Azshara did, and became corrupted by arcane power —

I Zul'armon woke with a pounding headache. His wrists ached and his arms felt like bags of sand. He groaned and cracked his eyes open.

l His arms and legs bound, Zul'armon hung from the pole like a trussed boar. A cacophony of chanting swirled around him. Zul'armon twisted his head and saw a group of trolls dancing in a circle. They looked like the ones he'd seen in the swamp: tall, gaunt and painted with old blood and mud. They wore strings of gaudy beads and bones. Bile rose in Zul'armon's throat. One troll, older and taller than the others, danced up to Zul'armon. He grinned, showing rotten yellow teeth. "You will fill Hakkar's empty belly," the troll said, and poked Zul'armon in the side. "I had others with me," Zul'armon lied. "They will track me and destroy this abominable cult." The Atal'ai priest laughed and danced back to his tribe. Zul'armon struggled against his bonds to no avail. Panic choked him; he'd heard tales of what the Atal'ai and the Hakkari did to their sacrifices. He faced a long, slow, painful death. Then the world shook and a thunderous roar drowned out the Atal'ai chants. Everything went dark and, for a moment, Zul'armon thought someone had sapped him again. He was still conscious, though, and with a blink he cleared the mud from his eyes. His mouth fell open at the sight of the huge green dragon looming in the center of camp. The Atal'ai and the Hakkari shrieked and drew weapons. The green dragon roared again. Zul'armon noticed one of the poles holding him upright had shifted; with a grunt he thrashed and shimmied until his hands slid off the pole. He hit the ground with a thud. His arms woke with painful tingles, but Zul'armon ignored the sensation. He freed himself, grabbed the nearest rock for a weapon and charged.

even more so than Azshara. Indeed, Xavius became the first satyr — a demon. He created the satyr race and,

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