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Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more...

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Hellscreams Tome of Terror

Description Some followers of Grom Hellscream mourned his loss and forever blame Thrall for what they consider a murder. Hellscream sacrificed his sanity to make the Horde stronger, and his followers consider the victory for the Horde more important than the sanity of the orcs within. They have transcribed the story of Hellscream into this tome along with some arcane magic. The cover is bound in leather that has been treated with demon blood. Power When a character chants a passage from the tome, each character within a 10-foot radius gains a battle lust that compares to Hellscream's final days,

Area Demonic Chamber EL

Tactics The demons are ordered to make a lot of noise and delay attackers for as long as possible, alerting Ganthrifal and giving him time to prepare (see his tactics in Area 4, below). After the nathrezim casts his preparatory spells, he joins his brethren here. He extends his energy drain and vampiric auras when fighting with his allies.

The Old Qods and the Twilights Hammer Cult

As demons, they became the Burning Legion's loyal servants. Satyrs pay homage to Xavius by living gleeful, sinful lives and committing acts of treachery they feel will honor their dark lord. Still, satyrs are evil, sadistic and monstrous demons. Whatever vague loyalty they feel toward Xavius is overshadowed by their devotion to Sargeras.

Adventure Background

Finally, he realized that only one force ever held control over the Lich King the Burning Legion. Blarus knew that trafficking with demons is exceedingly dangerous but could think of no better solution. So, carefully, he studied warlock magic. Blarus planned to use the Legion to destroy the Lich King or at least decimate the Scourge to the point where the forsaken could overcome it. Eventually, he realized he would need help, so he spread a few rumors that drew a handful of acolytes to his side. Unfortunately, these rumors also attracted the attentions of Varimathras, Undercity's dreadlord protector. Varimathras' forces raided Blarus' lab, and the warlock and his surviving apprentices fled the city. Blarus' continued experiments again drew a dreadlord's attention. This creature was Ganthrifal, a nathrezim who had been skulking about Silverpine since the forsaken took Undercity. Ganthrifal spied on Blarus and concluded that this silly warlock could be useful. The...

People and Culture

The humans of the region are travelers, carrying their homes on their backs and trying to stay one step ahead of the ogres, demons and undead that haunt them. I spoke with some, and they would not tell me why they remain here in Deadwind when there are safer places in Azeroth. They do not recognize the Alliance or even ask its aid. They simply move from place to place, fighting for their lives, stolidly proclaiming Deadwind Pass as their home.

Outland Adventure Hooks

To the Rescue Rumors tell that a great, unnamed hero of a previous war dwells in a remote fortress, surrounded by danger, fighting desperately to keep demons and other creatures out of his or her refuge. concerning the Frozen Throne, Illidan Stormrage and his blood elf and naga allies entered Outland, overthrew its demonic rulers and slew Magtheridon. Illidan took the plane as his own. Kil'jaeden easily tracked Illidan to Outland and compelled him to do the demonlord's bidding though Illidan failed to destroy the Frozen Throne, nearly died dueling Arthas and limped back to Outland to recover and plot. Though fallen out of favor with the Legion, Illidan and his followers still command Outland. Other factions stir in remote places. Legion strongholds stand in numerous places across the plane. The demons, being demons, attempt to destroy all others and rule uncontested. Rumors tell that the demons know the locations of the other, lost portals scattered across Outland and use these...

Shadows of the Past Futures Dawn

The cataclysmic sundering of the world after the destruction of the Well of Eternity and the razing of entire kingdoms in the wake of two wars and the onslaught of the Scourge can easily have hidden the ruins of not just innumerable temples, tombs and towers, but entire cities. Did the Guardians of Tirisfal imprison any of the demons they captured, and if so, where Do any temples built by the trolls still stand from the days when they hunted nomadic tribes of humans so long ago What is happening in the remains of the orc internment camps on the Alterac plains Ask the unanswered questions of Azeroth's past and answer them in your campaign. War The drumbeat of war still sounds on the wind in eastern Azeroth. For some, such as the Scarlet Crusade, the Third War has yet to truly end. For others, such as Alliance remnants who believe the Horde weakened by the severing of its ties with the demons of the Burning Legion, the time for a new war approaches. With the storm clouds on the horizon,...

Sites and Settlements

Tol Barad I had to pull some strings to learn of this island, and even then I was not allowed to visit it. The site of many historic battles in the Second War, Tol Barad is now home to a magic prison. Wizards from both Dalaran and Stormwind oversee the complex, and prisoners include enemy mages, lesser and greater demons, warlocks and undead war criminals. The wizards do not allow anyone near the island and keep the prison's existence secret.

Technology versus Magic

Magic relies on the powers of elements and manipulating the natural order, and this has had significant impact on Azeroth. Demons have laid siege to the world, great monuments have been destroyed, and dark powers have arisen all through the power of magic. For everything magic gives, it takes away as well. Sacrifice is required and often the sacrifice can be one's own soul, as the corrupting effects of fel and necromantic energies prove.

Condoned by the Alliance

The Alliance races have many problems currently, the greatest of which is the loss of their homeland to the undead, the Horde, the demons and various monsters. Their once proud populations are either dead, undead or in hiding. They don't even have much of a base to call their own except for the remote city of Stormwind, too far away to deal with the problems of Lordaeron with any real effectiveness.

Whats Going On Outside

The demon, free of its bonds, is laying waste to the streets outside. Hopeful warriors are attempting to kill it, including a group of tauren who have tried their war stomp to little effect. The Arena, ruins to begin with, has started to buckle, causing the lower levels to collapse. If the characters return to the main Arena area, they will find the floor stable. Bloodstone is beside himself with fury his new moneymaker is loose, and people have the audacity to try to kill his slave. He has called all his troll guards and ordered them to capture the demon, and to make sure the wanna-be heroes do not kill it. When enough of his troops die from outside attacks, he will enter the fray to protect his demon, who will of course try to kill him.

Part One Panic in the Stables

Word of the demon's imminent arrival has reached Bloodstone, who informs both his superiors and his inferiors of the upcoming change to schedules. This news trickles down through the guards to reach the stables. Your fellow gladiators no longer wear the brave and impassive expressions you're used to seeing. Their faces are naked with fear, eyes wide. Gladiators that you've known to look ores, elves, humans, goblins, even a huge tauren in the face without a flinch are weeping in the corners. They're not afraid of the chance of death in the Arena it is the certainty they fear. Every other time they've fought, they had a chance. Some fear the demon will be housed with the sentients instead of in the menagerie in the stables, where you all live under truce and where you can put the fear of death behind you. After their bout, the PCs return to their cells and find Parla the rogue talking to a guard. The guard says proudly that the demon is about one day away, traveling with troll warriors...

The Great and Secret Game

The demon-hunting agents of the Order of Tirisfal might come from any race or class, and their motivations could range from generations-long vows with the Council of Silvermoon to simple profit motive as mercenaries collect a bounty for each demon head collected. Through it all, the Order and its agents remain the men in black cloaks, cleaning up all evidence of their struggles and denying the existence of the enemy. For more than a thousand years, this battle is fought by the Magna Aegwynn, one of the last Guardians, until the close of the era when the dragonflights help her defeat and seal the demon lord Sargeras in an undersea tomb.

Kiljaeden and the Orcs

Over the next 10,000 years, the Burning Legion worked to sow chaos and discord on Azeroth and among the orcs of Draenor. The demon Kil'jaeden corrupted Gul'dan, who became the founder of the Shadow Council. Gul'dan convinced the orcs to drink from Mannoroth's blood, giving the orc race its rage, bloodlust, increased power and a demonic curse that followed them until Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth in the Third War. Gul'dan also taught the orcs warlock magic, turning them from their shamanistic heritage.

Necromancer or Warlock Variant Uncorrupted Necromancer or Warlock

Most young necromancers and warlocks claim that they know what they're getting into. They know about the seductive whisper of power and the strength of the Nether. They know of the crushing will of the demon lords and, most of all, they know of the corruptive influence of necromantic and warlock magic. They say it will not happen to them they will not fall to evil, as have so many before them. Most of them are wrong. Most of them join the dark ranks of the creatures with which they traffic. Some few, though, are right. Some are strong enough to resist the will of the Legion and of the dark powers they wield they, in turn, bend their wills to mastering demonic and necromantic secrets while remaining immune to their taint. These are the uncorrupted necromancers and warlocks, and they spread both distrust and hope wherever they go. Some few even announce themselves openly in the cities of the Horde or, rarer, the Alliance, and make their unique talents available to their affiliation.

Roleplaying Notes

Mannoroth is a simple being with no overriding ambition to change his station in life. Craving blood and carnage over everything else, he willingly acts as an enforcer for Archimonde and the Burning Legion. His only desire is to wage unending war against the mortal races of the universe. He is a terribly efficient weapon of destruction for the demonlords and can always be found at the forefront of their invasion forces. Mannoroth has forever been cursed with an immeasurable, unending thirst for blood. Even the bloodlust of the orcs is a minor compulsion compared to the absolute addiction that bloodletting is for Mannoroth. In the absence of mortals to fight, Mannoroth often turns on his own demon kin, slaying felhounds and infernals with an unnerving sense of satisfaction. He prefers the kill to the chase, and will quickly slay mortals who are unfortunate enough to stumble upon him.

Adventures at the Dawn of History

It also calls for warriors and spies to fight the war between the Azotha and the jungle trolls, or between the night elves and Queen Azshara's demon guard. It's a time when a canny diplomat might have changed the course of history forever. It's a time when characters can stand on the shores of the Well of Eternity itself.

Part Two Opportunity Knocks

During the battle, one of the four spiders will climb the wall, frightening the spectators. The trolls will take it down with crossbows. The other three will attack with webs and bites for 3 rounds, after which the PCs must make a DC 20 Listen check to hear a commotion in the streets beyond the crowd's cheers. The trolls have arrived with their demon, and the people are panicking. After 1 more round, the characters will notice that the crowds are becoming more interested in what's going on outside the Arena than inside. After another round, troll guards interrupt the fight, bringing down the remaining spiders with nets (or killing those too hurt to bother healing) and commanding the PCs to stop. The trolls confiscate the PCs' weapons, escort them back to their cell and leave quickly.

Inscriber Variant Dark Inscriber

The inscriber (described in More Magic & Mayhem) is a strange one. He has access to arcanist spells and to rune patterns, and as he grows in understanding he can blend the two to create runes of his spells. Most inscribers feel a connection to the ley energies of the natural world. Runes are, after all, a way to harness arcane power without risk of demonic corruption. This fact is no secret.

Mannoroth the Destructor

Warcraft Shadows And Light

Male Pit Lord CR 45 Gargantuan outsider (chaotic, demonic, evil, extraplanar) HD 45d8+585, hp 787 Init +2 Spd 50 ft., fly 40 ft. (poor) AC 44, touch 8, flat-footed 42 Base Atk+45 Grp +77 Atk+68 melee (4d6+35 17-19 plus 1d6 acid or cold, +5 two-bladed sword) Full Atk +66 +61 +56 +51 melee (4d6+25 17-20 plus 1d6 acid or cold, +5 two-bladed sword) and +66 melee (4d6+15 17-20 plus 1d6 cold or acid, +5 two-bladed sword), or +61 melee (2d6+20, 2 slams) Space Reach 15 ft. 10 ft. SA death throes, doom stomp, fel strike, spell-like abilities, summon demons, sweeping cleave, tail sweep SQ darkvision 60 ft., blood taint, damage reduction 15 good, detect magic, divination sensitivity, rebirth, regeneration 10, see invisibility, spell resistance 33, demonic traits (frightfuil presence DC 37), chaotic subtype, demonic subtype, evil subtype, outsider traits AL CE SV Fort +37, Ref +28, Will +29 Str 50, Dex 15, Con 37, Int 14, Wis 20, Cha 20. Languages Spoken Common, Eredun, Orc. Skills Bluff+30,...

Livinf Root Or Crescent Stafg

5 pieces Increases damage done to Demons by magical spells and effects by up to 10. Ring of Demonic Guile, Level 54, +10 Intellect, +6 mana every 5 sec. (Alzzin the Wildshaper) Ring of Demonic Potency, Level 54, +10 Stamina, +4 health every 5 sec. (Alzzin the Wildshaper)

Spell Resistance Falls To Column

Plague Caster Conversion

Caster takes on a demonic form and power. Transmutation Fel Level Sor Wiz 7 Components V, S, M Casting Time 1 standard action Range Personal Target You Duration 1 round level The caster transforms into a fearsome, black, demon-like creature. Long horns sprout from his head and wings grow from his back. His skin and all his belongings become void-black, and his only facial features are two glowing, slit-like red eyes. The caster transforms into a demon-like creature for the spell's duration. This grants him fast healing 3, damage reduction 10 good and silver, a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution, and a +4 enhancement bonus to natural armor. In addition, he may cast orb of anruhiktion* each round as a standard action. Material Component A vial of demon blood, which the caster drinks. Entangles and anchors a demon or undead creature. Conjuration (Creation) Force Level Hlr 3, Plw 3, Sor Wiz 3 Components V, S, M DF Casting Time 1 standard action Range Medium (100 ft. + 10...

Swift Actions and Immediate Actions

Rage 2 Day (Ex) Despite the fact that they are no longer under demonic influence, orcs can still enter bloodthirsty frenzies. Indeed, orcs respect and honor this trait. At 3rd level, you can use your battle rage ability twice per day if you already have the ability to rage (from the barbarian class, for instance), you can rage two additional times per day instead of one.

Creating a Guardian ofTirisfal

Banishing Strike (Su) At will, a Guardian of Tirisfal can make a melee touch attack against a demon with one normal attack. On a successful hit, the target must make a Will save (DC 10 + half the Guardian's character level or HD + the Guardian's Charisma modifier) or be banished instantly from the plane of Azeroth. Spell resistance does not function against a banishing strike. Contact Other Plane (Su) Once per day, a Guardian of Tirisfal with 2 or more character levels can cast contact other plane as a sorcerer of his character level, but he can contact only a being sympathetic to the cause of slaying demons. Detect Outsiders (Su) At will, a Guardian of Tirisfal can detect demonic creatures exactly as with the detect undead spell, except that it focuses upon the presence of demons and other outsiders. Locate Creature (Su) At will, a Guardian of Tirisfal can cast locate creature as a sorcerer of his caster level to locate outsiders or a specific demon he has previously encountered....

Archimonde the Defiler

Wow Image Epic Archimonde

Male Eredar Warlock CR 50 Gargantuan outsider (chaotic, demonic, Eternal, evil, extraplanar) HD 44d8+440, hp 792 Init +7 Spd 85 ft., fly 140 ft. (good) AC 39, touch 25, flat-footed 39 Base Atk+44 Grp +71 Atk+55 melee (2d6+22 plus 2d6 fel and 2d6 fire, claw) Full Atk +55 melee (2d6+22 plus 2d6 fel and 2d6 fire, 2 claws) Space Reach 15 ft. 15 ft. SA epic weapons (chaotic and evil), fel strike, spells, spell-like abilities, summon infernal SQ darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, true seeing, arcane mastery, booming voice, chaotic casting, damage reduction 20 epic and 15 good, Eternal immunities, Eternal presence (4,400 ft., DC 45), fast healing 22, immortality, nether spells, regeneration 10, resistance to acid, cold, fire, electricity and sonic 10, spell resistance 35, uncanny dodge, withering blight, demonic traits (frightful presence DC 45), chaotic subtype, demonic subtype, evil subtype, outsider traits, Eternal traits AL CE SV Fort+40, Ref+35, Will+38 Str 41, Dex 16, Con 31, Int...

Kiljaeden the Deceiver

Male Eredar Warlock CR 59 Gargantuan outsider (chaotic, demonic, Eternal, evil, extraplanar) HD 24d8+36d4+720, hp 1,056 Init +9 Spd 85 ft., fly 140 ft. (good) AC 48, touch 34, flat-footed 48 Base Atk +24 Grp +69 Full Atk +69 melee touch (spells), or +59 ranged touch (spells) Space Reach 15 ft. 15 ft. SA demon mastery, epic weapons (evil), spells, spelllike abilities SQ darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, true seeing, booming voice, demonic lore, enhanced conjuring, Eternal immunities, Eternal presence (6,000 ft., DC 64), extended summoning, improved ally, arcane mastery, chaotic casting, nether spells, fast healing 30, antimagic resistance, regeneration 10, damage reduction 20 epic and 15 good, resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 10, spell resistance 35, demonic traits (frightful presence DC 64), chaotic subtype, demonic subtype, evil subtype, outsider traits, Eternal traits. AL NE SV Fort+50, Ref+45, Will+47 Str 40, Dex 21, Con 34, Int 37, Wis 29, Cha 46.

Medivh Guardian ofTirisfal

Male Outsider CR 43 Medium outsider (Eternal) HD 35d4+280, hp 420 Init+9 Spd 60 ft. AC 58, touch 53, flat-footed 58 Base Atk +10 Epic Atk +8 Grp +15 Atk +28 melee (1d4+10 17-20 plus 1d6 cold, +5 keen icy burst adamantine dagger) Full Atk +28 +23 melee (1d4+10 17-20 plus 1d6 cold, +5 keen icy burst adamantine dagger), or spell +23 melee touch, or spell +23 ranged touch SA banishing strike (DC 49), epic weapons (evil), smite outsider, spells, spell-like abilities SQ darkvision 120 ft., low-light vision, true seeing, contact other plane, demon mastery, demonic companion, demonic lore, detect outsiders, distant sight (22 day), enhanced conjuring, extended summoning, improved ally, locate creature, planar cohort, summon familiar, booming voice, damage reduction 20 epic, Eternal immunities, Eternal presence (3,500 ft., DC 49), fast healing 17, immortality, resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 10, spell resistance 35, telepathy, uncanny dodge, vision, human traits, Eternal...

HeRoes and the DaRk HoRde

Rend's typical followers are older orcs who remember the old days, when the blood of demons ran in orc veins and humans died at orc hands. Some younger orcs, trolls, and ogres join Rend's cause as well, though individuals who grew up hearing tales of glory from their elders. Some feel they deserve a grander lot in life than helping the weak humans beat back the powerful demons why help the losing side when you can ally with the winner Yet all these new recruits are exceedingly rare almost no one joins the Dark Horde. Most of Rend's followers are barbarians, hunters, warriors and warlocks. A handful of priests who serve the Burning Legion supply healing. Rend counts no shaman among his followers, though forest trolls and ogres also comprise the Dark Horde.

Tichondrius the Darkener

Male Nathrezim CR 44 Medium outsider (demonic, evil extraplanar, lawful) HD 8d8+33d4+164, hp 282 Init +9 Spd 50 ft., fly 90 ft. (good) AC 31, touch 23, flat-footed 26 Base Atk +13 Grp +40 Atk +40 melee (1d8+9 plus 1d6 fel and 1d6 fire, claw) Full Atk+40 melee (1d8+9 plus 1d6 fel and 1d6 fire, claws) SA death touch (3 day, 13d6), dominate, energy drain, fiendish defense, summon infernal, spell-like abilities, spells, vampiric aura SQ darkvision 60 ft., animate dead (6 day), create undead (2 day), death pact (4 day), death resistance, undying, damage reduction 5 good or silver, fast healing 5, fiendish defense, spell resistance 26, evil subtype, lawful subtype, demonic traits (frightful presence DC 41), outsider traits AL LE SV Fort+30, Ref+31, Will +36 Str 22, Dex 21, Con 19, Int 36, Wis 27, Cha 32.

Character class Level Adjustment This feat is found in the Alliance Players Guide f This substance appears in More

This hulking, demonic humanoid emanates immense power and malevolence. Its skin is blood red, and large batlike wings stretch from its back. Dark flame engulfs its sword as its green-glowing eyes settle upon its next kill. When mortals recall the brutal terror of the Burning Legion's armies, they likely think first of the doomguard. These ironfisted demons serve as the Burning Legion's captains and generals. Countless worlds have fallen to their brilliant and ruthless military tactics. A doomguard's prowess at commanding large-scale battles does not reduce the demon's hunger for personal combat. In any conflict, a doomguard brings its powerful demonic abilities to where they can do the most damage, viciously slaughtering enemy troops or personally eliminating a bothersome mage. While most doomguard remain unquestioning and loyal servants to the lords of the Burning Legion (nathrezim and pit lords, among others), some ascend to this tier of command themselves and are among the most...

Warlock Variant Hidden Warlock

Warlocks are unwelcome in both the Alliance and Horde. No one wants them around they are evil beings who consort with demons. When the Horde discovers a warlock in their midst, it is an unpleasant day for the warlock. Nevertheless, the call of the Burning Legion is strong, and members of both the Alliance and the Horde don the warlock's dark robes. They operate out of secret basements and lurk in alleyways, but still they exist, gripping their secrets with both hands. These hidden warlocks are more prevalent in the Horde, with both orcs and Forsaken taking up the mantle.

Campaigning in Earlier Eras

The primary setting for the Warcraft RPG is the period following the Third War and the events that played out in Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. Yet the history of Azeroth is rich and full of adventure. Long before the Horde and the Alliance, the Kaldorei discovered magic and built a legendary empire that crumbled against the might of the Burning Legion in the War of the Ancients, and the disgraced Quel'dorei braved the Maelstrom to find a new land where they could explore the ways of magic. Little is known of the dwarves in this era, though some records indicate that they had stone hides (or rock skin ) and seemed more elemental in nature. An underground war was fought in the shadows to prevent the return of the demons to the world of the living.

Gorshalach the Dark Render

Description Sargeras wielded this massive greatsword for ages in his battle against demons. When he betrayed his kind and turned on his titan allies, the semi-intelligent weapon shattered itself into two pieces, the Shatterbound fragments. Sargeras retrieved one fragment, while Aggramar eventually came into the possession of the other fragment. If a creature of good alignment should ever possess Powers This +12 keen ghost touch greatsword of speed is the bane of all demons. It is good-aligned and bypasses the corresponding damage reduction. It deals an extra 3d6 points of divine damage on a successful hit. It acts as a +16 weapon against evil outsiders and deals an extra 4d6 points of damage against all such foes. It bestows four negative levels on any evil creature attempting to wield it. The negative levels remain as long as the weapon is in hand and disappear when the weapon is no longer wielded. These negative levels never result in actual level loss, but they cannot be overcome...

Warlock Variant Shadowmage

While most warlocks specialize in conjuration and demonic pacts, some focus on other areas of the dark arts. Shadowmagi eschew summoning in favor of the destructive power of raw entropy. Some say shadowmagi developed the shadow bolt spell (see More Magic & Mayhem), and it encapsulates their magical style. As well as fel evocations, shadowmagi enjoy spells that weaken other's minds and bodies and those that create darkness. A racial iconic class demonstrates a particular race's natural ability with a certain class. It might also represent the fact that a class has social or traditional connotations within a race's culture. Quilboar possess

Runed BRaceRs

Description Since the war with the demons, sorcerers have discovered how to tap into runic writing and inscribe armor with their arcane scripts. The bracers can be made of leather or metal any armor that runes may be scribed into is fine. Some arcanists claim that some spells work better with some ingredients, but other say that is myth.


Description These types of bullets are built specifically for dealing with dark powers such as undead or demons. The bullet is composed of two hollow halves designed to fragment on impact the contents are then released. In the case of the consecrated round, the contents happen to be a very potent mixture of holy water and mystical herbs. Powers Against undead and demons, consecrated ammunition deals +5 points of holy damage.


The Tainted Scar This area is covered with a thick, vile mist that chokes mortals stupid enough to venture close. Demons dwell here and pervert the already taxed land with their energies. Many people believe that Lord Kazzak of the Burning Legion resides in a tower hidden in the poisonous fog, but few have returned to give details.

Factious Leaders

Blarus Whitrick The original forsaken to embark on this endeavor, Blarus traffics with demons because he believes this is the only way to defeat the Scourge. Blarus gathered a flock of acolytes to his ideals, and these apprentices follow him zealously. He also recruited Mael Shelub, and though Blarus is suspicious of the necromancer's motives, he believes Mael to be loyal. Until recently, Blarus thought Ganthrifal was under his command, but the dreadlord's recent insurgence makes Blarus dubious. He knows dealing with the Legion is dangerous and does not want to take chances. Blarus plans to confront Ganthrifal sometime in the next week or so, and if he is not satisfied, he and his acolytes will drive the creature back to the Twisting Nether. Ganthrifal's disobedience also makes Blarus doubt the loyalties of the demons the dreadlord helped him summon, and he keeps a wary eye on these beings. Blarus always has a few anti-demon spells (protection from evil, hooks of bindingff and the...

Blasted Lands

Population 2,000 (55 Dreadmaul ogre, 15 demon, 15 draenei, 10 human, 5 high elf). Government Primarily tyrannical law within tribes. Rulers Agramalor, Lord of Dreadmaul ogres (male ogre Ftr10 Wiz8) Lord Kazzak, Lord of Doomguard demons (male doomguard Wiz10) Archmage Thas'ranan, Commander of Nethergarde's mages (male high elf Wiz13). There is but one usable road in the Blasted Lands, guarded at the north by Nethergarde Keep's grim mages. They have the unenviable task of watching the Dark Portal, guarding the rest of the continent from the demons in the south and protecting themselves from the ogre tribes that roam the desert.

Note on Sidebars

Truth or falsity of such tales, and bless their souls if they do. The infamous Arena in Azeroth's Stranglethorn Vale, the insidious Dark Iron dwarves of Khaz Modan, the foul machinations of undead and demons in Lordaeron's Silverpine Forest find them if you dare, my fellows, just make sure you keep your axe and your wits about you then tell me everything at the Weary Boots.


Good example is the bombing run you fly early on in Hellfire Feuinsula. dropping bombs on demonic structures and later decimating whole crowds of demons with well placed bomb drops of destruction. The first couple of quests you'll do in Hellfire Feuinsula is collecting some wood and scrap metal, and collecting blood from some ores lust south of Thrallmar the starting citv The wood, metal and the ores you need can be found across an outstretched line of siege equipment, overlooking the road north of Hellfire Citadel. Many Kordies can do this quest at once. Without contending with Alliance players for these quests Alliance has what amounts to the exact same quests, but with their own line of siege equipment on the opposite side of the road to the Citadel Many

Defending The Dream

Thrall himself ruled from Grommash Hold, set in the Valley of Wisdom, a central part of the capital. Grommash Hold displayed every bit the barbaric beauty of the orc warchief's domain, with great, rounded buildings topped with sharp spikes, huge rounded entranceways leading inside, and displays on many of the gray stone walls that marked past victories of both the warchief and the Horde in general. Among those displays were the fearsome, mummified heads of the creatures used by the Burning Legion, weapons and armor from the demons themselves, and, further on, armor and banners of another foe the Alliance. That the last was now an ally did not matter to the orcs these had been victories and so were honored as such. And as he said that, his own greatest fear revealed itself in the forefront. Thrall suddenly stood there, but a Thrall that was a grotesque mockery of the warchief. His skin hung as if decaying and some bone showed through. He also had eyes that blazed red .the red of the...

Orc Warrior

Ores have a long history of warfare their race has been battling various creatures for ages. In the past, many orcs embraced their demon-bom bloodlust and became barbarians. In recent years, die ores' discovery of dieir spiritual and shamanistic traditions has allowed orcs to focus and refine their savagery. Many orcs still become barbarians, but the way of die trained, disciplined and canny fighter the warrior becomes more and more common.

Orc Levels

Orcs can take up to three levels in orc at any time. When orcs take racial levels, they connect with their legacy as mighty warriors, as barbaric, demon-bred savages, and as shamanistic spiritualists. Orc history is long and storied, and these orcs tap into its intricacies. Other orcs instinctively respect and trust those of their number who take racial levels.

Great AOE Spot

Over in Shadowmoon Valley at the Ruins of Karabor in Illidan's Black Temple, you will find about 20 or so Demon Hunter Supplicants packed closely together that are level 70. I know that sounds tough to AOE but they are sparring with each other and their health isn't full when you start to fight them so they drop a lot faster. Also, the guys in this area pretty much only do melee damage which allows you to do a ton of damage before they can even reach you. You will be able to collect a ton of gold, lots of greens, and Scryer reputation items such as signets and tomes in a very short amount of time. This is definitely one of the few good spots where AOE can still work in the Outlands. Currently, the only people that appear to be in this area are ones completing some quests so you shouldn't have to worry about other people up here. Also, the respawn rate of these guys is very short so once you clear a couple areas they will start to respawn and you can start all over. You should be able...


Trolls who have attained several levels in the gladiator prestige class. They constantly patrol the halls and the menagerie, and are only distracted by Bloodstone's commands (which will come when the demon breaks his bonds). If they find a prisoner attempting to escape, they will next pair him with a beast much too difficult for him, sentencing him to certain death. (This information is well known among the prisoners.) They are armed with clubs, having instructions to subdue, not kill, their charges.


Farstriders don't get along with anyone who is not a blood elf. Oh and don't talk to the night elves about the sin'dorei and their elite rangers. In the night elves' eyes, blood elves are just another menace to the world. Yet despite their xenophobia and prejudices, the Farstriders are still good people, holding a lawful society in the midst of chaos and hell. They're just trying to get by.

Class Skills

Voodoo Symbols For Death

Description The graven one seeks power from the deep well of death instead of from supplicating dark powers or acting as a sycophant for demonic entities. Unwholesome rites, sigils, and the shedding of one's mortal shell are all a small part of what graven ones seek. Eventually, they become masters over undeath.

Wow Levelling 70-80

Wow Umbrafen Lake Investigated

83) From Telhamat run down SW to Cenarion Post at 15,52 to Amythiel Mistwalker and accept The Cenarion Expedition from Stouthoof accept Keep Thornfang Hill Clear and turn in Helping the Cenarion Post to Thiah Redmane and accept Demonic Contamination accept Colossal Menace which you can do with a group or pull them to the Temple and the guards will kill them 91) Start using the lfg tool and chat to look for a group for Hellfire Citadel Ramparts for that quest you picked up earlier. Plus they designed outlands to make you do a few instances, or else you're gonna hit 63 or so and get stuck grinding or instancing them. You could grind instead if you want Enter the wall on the West side of HFC, there are some stairs at 45,58 and follow it up to the entrance The blood is very easy to get and the investigation is complete when you enter that bottom circle at the end. Take a look below you too, to see a huge demon for the shattered halls. He's who keeps talking. Now leave by the green tunnel...

Lord Xavius

Lord Xavius

Manipulative, demon's touch, satyr lord, bestial traits (claws, fangs, growth, hide, horns, legs, snout, tail), scent, nature sense, wild healing, spell resistance 20, booming voice, damage reduction 20 epic, Eternal immunities, Eternal presence (3,100 ft., DC 38), fast healing 16, immortality, keen senses, resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 10, spell resistance 36, uncanny dodge, night elf traits, Eternal traits Saves Fort +17, Ref +19, Will +25

Necrolyte Spells

The Necrolytes have close ties to the dark forces of Hell, and in consequence study the forbidden arts of the dead. They have gained the ability to bind the bodies of the dead to this domain, creating armies of soulless creatures. With no minds to speak of, they will disdain the use of weapons, seeking to rend the flesh of those they are directed to attack with their bare boned hands.

Sulfuron Hammer

Legends say that bloodstone is the result of the combination of demon blood with ordinary metal deposits. The foul ichor, it is said, sank deep into the earth and corrupted the veins therein. Still, the ore is not itself evil or demonic, though it can be used for that purpose. Certainly demons favor this material and construct weapons and armor of it whenever they can. However, there is no reason why a paladin or other follower of the Light could not employ this useful material.


Male Orc CR 35 Medium humanoid (orc) HD 25d4+6d8+4d10+280, hp 392 Init +7 Spd 30 ft., fly 40 ft. (good) AC 44, touch 37, flat-footed 37 Base Atk +12 Epic Atk +8 Grp +26 Atk +27 melee (1d6+10 plus level drain, demon staff) Full Atk +27 +22 +17 melee (1d6+10 plus level drain, demon staff) or +32 +27 +22 melee (1d8+13 x3, +5 battleaxe) SA +1 attack vs. humans, battle rage, spells SQ darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, demon mastery, demonic lore, enhance conjuring, extended summoning, improved ally, planar cohort AL CE SV Fort +32, Ref +23, Will +35 Str 23, Dex 24, Con 27, Int 21, Wis 28, Cha 32. Possessions Demon staff, +5 battleaxe, amulet of epic natural armor + 7, belt of might**, bracers of epic armor +15, cloak of demonkind _X, pendant ofKil'Jaeden _X, shadow orbtt.


The best crowd control (CC) skill in the game. It works on probably 80 of the creatures in the game world (excluding demons, dragonkin and undead, which are all fairly uncommon). In solo play this will allow you to pull single targets in linked mobs, while the other wanders harmlessly as a sheep. In groups, it is extremely useful for making pulls much easier by eliminating a mob from the group. It will often be your job to pull using Polymorph.

Divine ScRolls

Description These ancient writings are preserved arcane scrolls of great power. Often written on black cloth using a demon-ichor ink, these are powerful but dangerous versions of spells. Powers Spells written on fel scrolls are treated as spells of the normal level, but the user gains a +4 bonus on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance, and the spells' DCs increase by +2. However, because of its demonic nature, casting a spell from such a scroll requires a Will save with a DC of 18 + the spell's level (in addition to whatever other rolls might be necessary) if this roll fails, a spell mishap occurs (see above). In all other regards (cost, caster level), fel scrolls act as normal scrolls. Creating a fel scroll follows the same rules as creating other scrolls, save that the creator must be evil.

Warlock Spells

The fires of hell rise up to meet the enemies of the Warlock clan. Their sorceries are rooted in the deepest pits of the underworld, and their command over flame and the monstrosities they create is a cause for great fear to their victims. The basic fire spell which all followers of the Orcish cults (the underworld) first learn. It channels the flames of Hades through the caster's body, allowing the wielder to direct it as a missile at anyone he chooses. It is a dangerous magik to employ, but the effects seem to delight even the lowest circle of Warlock to no end. The most powerful spell ever rumored to exist. Legends say that the caster would have the ability to summon forth a daemon by allowing his body to be sacrificed to enable its existence in this plane. The daemon would then be guided by the spirit of the caster to do his bidding, but should the daemon be destroyed, the warlock's life would be forfeit. The truth to this tale is questionable, but the incantations and rituals...

Teldrassil Redeemed

How well Malfurion still recalled the queen's malicious confidante. It had been Lord Xavius who had fueled the spellwork by Azshara's Highborne sorcerers that had opened the path for the Burning Legion. Rather than be repelled by what he discovered, Xavius had ever been there to assist his insidious queen as she welcomed the demons through. Twice, Malfurion had thought him no more. That first time had been during a desperate struggle atop the very tower where the portal for the demons had been opened. Malfurion, his druidic powers strong, had raised a storm that had first set Xavius aflame by lightning, then melted him by rain, and finally unleashed a roar of thunder that had literally shattered the villain. Malfurion could still recall Xavius's contorted face especially the sinister, magically crafted eyes of black with the streak of ruby running across each. The archdruid especially remembered the counselor's last, nerve-wracking shriek.

Blood Quest

And monstrous they were indeed, for they were demons of the The coming of the night elf caught Thura's breath. Unarmed, he leaned close to the male orc to whisper something and his very presence seemed to assure the battling champion. Already the victor over many demons by himself, the older orc looked confident that he and the night elf would surely be able to stand against the bloodthirsty throng still converging on the spot. Behind the orc, the night elf's hands suddenly filled with a long, wooden staff. He raised the staff high and as he did, the closest end suddenly sharpened to a wicked point. In front of him, the orc slashed at yet another impetuous demon, slicing off its long, narrow head, curled horns and all. Suddenly, the demons faded to mist. There was only the night elf, his victim, and Thura. The night elf stepped back farther, his mocking gaze turning to her. Thura felt honored to wield such a weapon, an irony, she knew. Years ago, under the influence of the demon lord...

To the Cave

An old man runs out of the house, panting. His skin is taut, but tanned, like an old fisherman. He looks bad, as if he's not eaten in days. As soon as he passes the door, he speaks rapidly. Oh, thank you kind people so much Those devil fish have been raiding our poor village for a week now, killing and plundering The other villagers fled, but ol' Alman ain't going nowhere, that's for sure. I beg of you,

Mask of Death

Description This is a horrific black mask carved in the likeness of a demon's face. Massive curved horns sweep up and back out of the forehead and behind the ears, while the fangs seem to glisten as if ready to bite at any moment. When worn, the mask's eye sockets become covered with a glassy shield that glows red. When the wearer speaks, her voice is broadcast as a guttural growl.

Orcish Hordes

Warcraft Orcs And Humans

The only clan to ignore these plays for power were the Warlocks. Secluded in their towers, they saw the danger that was present. Although it pleased the Necromancers that these battles fed the earth and underworld with rivers of blood, the Warlocks feared that no Orc would be left alive. This would serve to upset the delicate balance that allowed them to control the powers that they held in check and called upon to work their magiks. If this balance were to be maintained, the Orcish hordes would need to be supplied with new battles against a common foe.

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