Bloodstone Mine in Arathi Highlands

This is one mine that stands out from the rest in pure profitability. It's inhabited by gnolls around level 37 that can easily be cleared out by a single player.

Inside you'll find two to three iron veins, at least two mithril veins, and three bloodstone veins. There is also a Solid Chest spawn if you take the path on the right that leads down a small slope (there is a bloodstone ore vein next to it and the path leads to a dead end.)

Bloodstone Mine


\ Spiders

Mithril and Iron Mine

Iron bars sell for a little more than 2 gold per stack, heavy stones for about 2.5 gold per stack, mithril for over 5 gold per stack, solid stones for about 2 gold per stack, and bloodstone ore goes for around 1.5 gold per stack. Considering you'll be leaving with tons of bloodstone, iron, and mithril, not to mention whatever is in the chest, you're looking at very worthwhile excursion!

Bloodstone is needed for a quest from Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and since only a handful of players are miners, it can sell quite well in the Auction House. Players only need four bloodstone ore, so don't bother selling it in stacks larger than that.

You'll find another mine with mithril just a bit south of the bloodstone mine in the troll camp. Alternate between these two mines and you'll make out like a bandit!

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