Finished Products

The final types of tradeskill items are finished products. Finished products are the tradeskill items that are ready to be sold directly to the consumer for immediate use. Some examples are: finished swords, potions, equipment, backpacks etc. These items often command the highest price but also force you to acquire all the sub-items to create it. This often can take a considerable amount of time, or a considerable amount of money buying the sub products. Even though your "Uber Sword of Slaying" may sell for 75 gold. If it took you 70 gold in materials to make you are only making 5 gold. The key to selling finished tradeskill products is securing a cheap line of resources and materials. You will have to build contacts that routinely have the time to harvest all these materials. Once you acquire this network and become friends with your producers you can receive discounted bulk prices from them and ask for custom orders. Just as computer manufacturers outsource the labor of the parts of a computer, and then put them together to create a finished product; you will outsource the gathering of materials and put them together to create a finished product. You have to be a very social player to sell finished products. It is all about who you know.

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