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Regardless if you're picking herbs or mining rock veins, there is one universal truth: no location is random. Herb and vein locations are called nodes, and they were probably hand-placed by the World of Warcraft development team. Since nodes aren't random, they'll eventually re-spawn given enough time. This is where a run comes in handy. A run is basically a path you take around a zone that connects known node locations. It has to be long enough for the nodes to re-spawn. The idea is that once you have a run down, you won't be left aimlessly wandering around a zone trying to find a resource.

Most likely, you're not going to be able to memorize every node location, so I find that it's best to connect general areas that are known to have a lot of nodes. Another limitation is you can only have either Find Herbs or Find Minerals active - not both.

With all that in mind, a perfect run would be connecting two or more features (like a cave or lair for mining) with herb collecting in between.

This technique can be used in many zones throughout the World of Warcraft.

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