Knaz and Gnaz Blunderflame

Gnomes are the best! Knaz and Gnaz live in the hills in Stranglethorn Vale which is a 30+ zone. Their house is probably one of the least obvious, so you might have some trouble finding them initially. They're due east of the skullsplitter trolls, but the mountains in the area will appear to be too steep to climb. Keep trying and you'll eventually find a route that gets you to the (very) hidden winding path.

Knaz sells the Deadly Scope schematic and Gnaz sells the Mechanical Dragonling schematic. Of the two, the dragonling is actually more in demand on my server. Although, the purchase price is a steep 1 gold for the dragonling, you can easily turn around and sell it for 4. The Deadly Scope is a little cheaper, but it too can be sold for 3 to 4 gold.

Deadly Scope Schematic

Blizrik Buckshot:

Blizrik Buckshot:

Blizrik is the first goblin pulling through for us. He sells guns in Gadgetzan in Tanaris. The best thing about Blizrik is the fact that since he isn't an engineer, most people aren't going to check him for limited engineering schematics. Purchase EZ-Thro Dynamite II from Blizrik, head a few doors down to the alchemy merchant and purchase Transmute Iron to Gold and Transmute Mithril to Truesilver.

One word of caution: The alchemy recipes tend to sell much slower than engineering recipes on my server, but they still pull through. Buy them once as an experiment and see how they do on your server.

Conclusion on Limited Availability Recipes:

By now you should have realized that this indeed is a major source of gold for players of just about any level. Three days before writing this section I had 12 gold to my name. Now after running my route a few times, I have 109 gold, and I didn't have to kill anything, complete a difficult instance, or find any rare items. This is, hands down, the best method I have ever found for earning quick and easy gold in World of Warcraft. Now it's yours!

I haven't included every profitable recipe, so I encourage you to experiment. These are the main recipes I use to generate gold, but they are by no means the only ones...

Conclusion on Limited Availability Recipes:

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