Orgrimmar is the Orcs stronghold named after the famous Orgrim Doomhammer. The Orcs share the city with the Horde aligned Trolls. Orgrimmar is the Stromwind of Kalimdor resting in the middle of the continent. Orgrimmar is known as the greatest warrior city in the world and also holds the Horde-specific auction house making it quiet a popular city indeed.

Orgrimmar houses the second most popular auction house in World of Warcraft right behind Ironforge. The Horde population is a bit smaller then the Alliance population creating a bit smaller auction house. Nonetheless both faction auction houses are relatively huge and will provide you an ample market to become rich playing the World of Warcraft economy.

As a Horde player you have to decide between selling your wares at your hometown or making them available to the large Alliance population by outsourcing them to Gadgetzan. Not an easy decision and the best option is a combination of both. When selling higher level items, or items that would appeal to an Alliance only class (such as an item that can only be worn by a paladin) you should choose Gadgetzan. If you are selling cheaper more available wares such as tradeskill items then you should stick to Orgrimmar. If Alliance players can buy it at Ironforge they usually will. If you are going to sell in Gadgetzan you need to sell rare "ticket items" that are not readily available at Ironforge.

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