Quest Items

Unfortunately many of World of Warcraft's quests are considered collection quests. These quests go something like this:

Angry Drunk Dwarf: "I want more beer! Unfortunately I am too drunk to gather the 10 blue Goblin spices to make some more. Can you please collect 10 spices for me, blue Goblins have been known to carry them. After you finish this part of the quest you will get Part II.

Angry Drunk Dwarf: "Well those 10 spices were enough to make me one beer, but what I could really use is 10 beers! Go gather me 100 spices and I may have something for you..."

So you have a lot of free time on your hands and decide to complete the second part in which case you are greeted with Part III

Angry Drunk Dwarf: 'You know that special something I had for you, well I still have it. I swear I will give it to you if you can collect enough spices for a huge Angry Drunk Dwarf party that I am throwing. There will be ten people there total. Each will want 10 drinks. So just bring me 1,000 spices and I will give you your reward.

Frankly, killing a gazillion Goblins over and over again loses its fun after about the 30th Goblin. For this reason many people will flock to the auction houses to purchase quest items so that they can receive the quest experience and reward without any of the work. Many players who start alts (a second character) will already have a large bank account and will purchase quest items for their alternative characters instead of doing the same quests again. You in turn can supply these items. You want to pick popular quests that you can easily complete multiple times. Usually you want to be fighting mobs that are a much lower level then you so that you can take on ten at a time and quickly collect the required quest items.

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