Skullsplitter trolls in Stranglethorn Vale

Skullsplitter trolls drop two valuable trade skill items, but they're fairly rare. So to make this worthwhile, you need to be able to kill them quickly.

Skullsplitter trolls are around level 40 and drop wildvine and flasks of mojo rarely (along with silk and mageweave occansionally.) Wildvine is an ingredient in high level tailoring and leatherworking recipes, and flask of mojo is used in leatherworking and engineering. Wildvine is especially important in leatherworking because it allows the crafter to create leather armor with random attributes.

On my server, wildvine tends to go for about 1 to 3 gold each. The main reason I remember this method so clearly is because on my first trip out to the trolls (for quest purposes) I landed five wildvine in an hour which translated into about 15 gold.

Drop Flask Mojo

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Wildvine is a rare drop and you'll have good days and bad days, but if you're heading out there for quests or to collect cloth, you can't go wrong picking up the rogue wildvine here and there!

You'll also snag a handful of flasks of mojo. These aren't quite as valuable as wildvine, but they sell for around 50-70 silver each and you'll usually find more of them.

The combination of wildvine, flasks of mojo, and cloth make this camp extremely profitable for someone of the appropriate level range.

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