Spiders Silk in Arathi Highlands

Spider's silk is one of the most valuable commonly dropped items in World of Warcraft. Any spider from around level 18 to 36 can drop spider's silk when killed. Although some spiders don't like to part with silk very often you can still make out really well on their vendor trash.

Not all spiders are equal. Most spiders will drop silk once every 20 kills, but the Plains Creepers in Arathi Highlands drop it twice as often. So you're looking at one silk every 10 kills.

Considering that spider's silk sells for 60 silver to 1 gold per silk, you will make a ton of cash farming them. Don't fret if you're not a high enough level to kill spiders in Arathi Highlands because any spider can drop silk and they're all worthwhile to kill for profit.

You can find Plains Creepers literally anywhere in Arathi Highlands, but they tend to bunch up on the east side of the zone. If you have mining, bounce between the Bloodstone and troll mines while killing all the spiders in-between.

Farming Spider Silk Alliance

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