Tradeskill Learning Products

To produce the higher level rare tradeskill products you will have to acquire special tradeskill plans and recipes to "learn" how to make the tradeskill product. A number of these plans are extremely rare, hard to find, and have a high usability. That means a number of these tradeskill learning products yield a high price. They yield such a high price because usually only a small number of people can produce the rarest tradeskill items and therefore have a monopoly on the market. Some of the richest players in World of Warcraft are high level tradeskillers who know how to play the economy. For this reason if you acquire one of those rare plans, in some cases it may be beneficial to invest in yourself. Instead of selling it you can learn how to produce that item yourself. In the long run this can net you a large profit. Then again you have a limited number of tradeskills that you can learn per character. Selling finished tradeskill products brings us to our next section...

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