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Knowing when to buy all has to do with appraising items. You will develop a general feel for the value of items the more you play and explore the auction house. Figuring out how much an item is worth is all about item value (covered in a previous section). When determining how much an item is worth I quickly run through all the item value questions in my head and combine that with what the general feel/market value for the item is. Some questions to ask yourself are:

Is it worth the time, effort, and risk? If you are planning on only making a 30 silver profit is it really worth the time? Remember there is also a chance that the item you just purchased will not sell, or that you incorrectly appraised it. If you are going to buy items make sure you are making a decent profit doing it.

What is the item level? World of Warcraft allows the hyperlinking of items (so that you can click an item name in your text bar and see all of the item's stats). You will want to check the item's level (color and level limit).

How rare is this item? Is this a rare item and the seller just doesn't know it? A number of times those who do not know the market economy will sell extremely rare expensive items for almost nothing because they think they are junk.

What is the usability of this item? What is the demand of this item? How many people can use it? Is it limited to high levels (rich) or lower levels (poor)? Is it class specific (limits your market)?

What is the general market value of this item? What is the general market price for this item? How much does the item usually go for in the auction houses? You can also determine market values by "polling" people in the popular trade centers. This is often ^^ ^ called a price check. For example: "/shout Can I have a price f'/*'' check on The Ugly Stick of Might." Make sure that you always '■ * ' try to get a hyperlink of the item you are asking to get a price check for. If you don't have the item, you can usually find it at the auction house. If you can't find it in the auction house look it up on Thottbot and list the stats in your request for a price check.

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