When to Sell

In short, whenever someone will buy. There really isn't a bad time to sell, but there are some optimum times to sell. When you are selling an item whether it be in the auction house, or you are trying to sell it by auctioning in the chat channels you want to be able to reach the largest market. Game Guides Online did some extensive research and surveying and found that the North American World of Warcraft servers are most populated during Television Prime time. For those of you unfamiliar with the TV prime times they are between seven to nine PM (based on your time zone). The North American World of Warcraft servers however are not broken up into EST, PST, and MST time zones. This actually means there is quite a range of prime times (starting at 7pm EST on the East Coast and ending at 12pm EST). You want your auction to be up during this five hour time period. Game Guides Online survey found that the servers are most populated between 9:30-10:30 EST. Knowing when to sell lets you plan your playtime accordingly. It is advised that you spend your market/trading time during the heat of primetime. Farming, trade runs, leveling, questing, etc. can be done during the off hours.

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