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The two of us have been MMORPG players since the original release of EverQuest. We have been writing strategy guides for MMORPG's for over four years and have a combined experience level of eight years. We are both owners and senior authors at Game Guides Online and together are the two most experienced MMORPG guide writers out there. We have experience in Ultima Online, EverQuest, Earth and Beyond, Eve, Warcraft 3 Multiplayer, Lineage 2, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, EverQuest Online Adventures, and EverQuest II. Together after four years of writing MMORPG guides we both agreed that we had become a bit jaded of the industry. That was before World of Warcraft came around. Originally we acquired only one beta account that we both had to share. Being on completely opposite time zones (Australia and Eastern United States) the instant one of us logged off the account to go to sleep the other one of us was waking up and waiting to play. Thankfully, we quickly got multiple beta accounts. Throughout this guide we will attempt to pass on the knowledge we have gained from our earliest days in the World of Warcraft beta, to the present. Enjoy.

Jason Allen and Brian Whitener

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ucess in World of Warcraft is defined by three things: Level, Equipment, and Wealth. Your level determines the overall power of your character. The higher your level the faster you can acquire wealth. As your level increases so does the power of the equipment available to you. Similarly your wealth determines the equipment and items that you can purchase. Once you reach the level limit your characters power and status can only be increased through increased wealth and therefore more powerful (uber) equipment.

This guide will instruct you on the quickest ways to produce gold at your current level. The guide will show you step by step the top ways to produce maximum gold output at numerous level ranges. We hope you enjoy the guide and if you have any questions, comments, or corrections please let us know. Remember to check back at the site from time to time as we are constantly updating our guides to compensate for the ever changing worlds of MMORPG's. You will also find some of the newest gold material on our online forums (also located on the website) before it is put into the guide. Be sure to register.

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