Picking up Mining as your Gathering profession is a no brainer. Blacksmithing can be an expensive profession to level up but once you reach the higher levels, you can craft a lot of nice rare and epic armor/weapons. One of the things you have to be careful of when purchasing plans from places like the Thorium Brotherhood is to check the Auction House for the going rate on the items before you invest a lot of money. If you aren't careful with the items you are choosing to craft and then put up for sale, you may actually lose some money. Always check the mats needed to craft an item to see how much they sell for at the Auction House and then compare that with the crafted item itself to see the profit.

As with any profession, one of the best ways you can make some good money with Blacksmithing is to craft items that other players can use as well. One of the best money makers that I have used with Blacksmithing are with the various types of rods that can be crafted such as the Golden Rod, Truesilver Rod, and Arcanite Rod. Crafting these items is the only way an Enchanter can get them so they are always selling in the Auction House. The one that can make you the most profit is the Arcanite Rod. To make one of these, you need (3) Arcanite Bars and (1) Dense Grinding Stone. The Dense Grinding Stone is cheap but the Arcanite Bars can be a little expensive to purchase going for about 18 Gold. This brings the total to craft one of these to about 55 Gold which sounds like a lot. However, the going rate for an Arcanite Rod is around 75 Gold each. That is a 20 Gold profit every time you do this! Not bad for a few minutes of work.

Another way to make a lot of gold is with the Steel Weapon Chain. This chain attaches to a weapon and prevents that player from being disarmed. Each of these sells for about 7 Gold. The hard part is getting the plans. They can't be purchased from a vendor and the drop rate isn't too high. So unless you get lucky, that leaves just one place, the Auction House. These plans aren't up for sale too often but when they are, then can go for around 200 Gold. The good news is that there are clueless people out there when it comes to selling this who don't know what it's worth. I have personally seen 2 auctions that were selling these for less than 1 Gold because the default selling price is very cheap. In both cases, I obviously bought them. One of them, I kept for myself to create the Chains and the other I put back up for sale and made about 210 Gold. Keep an eye out for these plans because it's only a matter of time before they sell cheap and then you can make a lot of money by crafting these.

Some of the other popular Blacksmithing items that are always in demand are items such as Mithril Spurs and Shield Spikes. While these won't bring you in a ton of gold per sale, they are things that you can sell a lot of and have it add up to a nice amount of change over time.

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