Mana Thistle

Mana Thistle is an item that is needed by Alchemists to make a lot of the higher end potions. This herb can only be found in places that require a flying mount. Here are the best places to find Mana Thistle. In Terokkar Forest, you should first go over to the southeast corner to Skettis. Another spot in Terokkar Forest is just above the Aldor base to an area called the Barrier Hills. Over in Shadowmoon Valley, you will want to fly over to the island in the southeast corner of the zone to an area called Netherwing Ledge. In Blade's Edge Moutains, there are 2 spots where you can find Mana Thistle: Pinacle Vortex to the west and Felstorm Point to the north. Lastly, in Netherstorm, head to the island in the Northwest corner of the zone called Socrethar's Seat. Here you can also find some Mana Thistle. Currently on my server, a stack of Mana Thistle sells for about 60 Gold. If you have a Flying Mount and have Herbalism as one of your professions, you should definitely check out these spots. Not only will you find Mana Thistle but you will also find a lot of the other popular herbs such as Dreaming Glory and Felweed in these areas as well.

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