Mining in the Outlands

If Mining wasn't the best profession for making Gold before the expansion, it definitely is now. Thanks to Jewelcrafting, the demand for the ore, stone, and gems gathered through mining is ridiculous. On top of that you can also collect tons of motes to make primals. There are so many Fel Iron and Adamantite veins scattered throughout the Outlands that it's very easy to collect over a 100 pieces of ore in an hour. Fel Iron Ore sells for about 15 Gold per stack and Adamantite Ore sells for about 25 - 30 Gold per stack. Just as with the rare Gold and Silver veins found in the lower level zones, you can find a rare vein in the Outlands called Khorium. Khorium Ore sells anywhere between 50 and 60 Gold per stack. This can spawn anywhere that Fel Iron and Adamantite veins can be found so unfortunately there isn't any one spot that is better than another. However, from personal experience I have found more Khorium in Netherstorm and the areas that you can only get to by flying more than any of the other zones.

In addition to the ore that you collect, you will also find all types of gems such as draenites. Rare gems can also be found such as Star of Elune and Noble Topaz which can sell anywhere between 35 and 50 gold each and depending on your server, sometimes more. These gems are needed for Jewelcrafting the higher end items and these crafters are willing to shell out big bucks to get these. While you are mining in the Outlands, you should also post a message every once in a while saying that you want to buy ore, motes or rare stones like the Star of Elune. You can a lot of times get a steal by buying these directly from other players because they don't have the Auction House nearby to see how much they are worth.

I have found that some of the best zones to mine in are actually some of the earlier ones such as Hellfire Peninsula. The reason for this is that most players in this zone don't have their mining skill up high enough yet to be able to mine everything in these zones. This means that you will be able to mine more here than in some of the higher level zones because everyone has a 375 Mining skill by then.

When you get your flying mount, you have an enormous advantage over other players that are trying to mine because you can fly over everything and once you spot a vein on your minimap, you can just land right on top of the vein to collect the ore and then fly off to the next one. There is no need to fight enemies or run around a body of water to get to where you want to go. A higher level zone that I have found to be great for mining with a flying mount is Blade's Edge Mountains. The reason is that it is very hard to navigate this zone due to the mountains and bridges that need to be crossed by players without a flying mount. As far as navigating the zones, you will want to fly around the perimeters and anywhere else you see a range of mountains. In just a couple hours of flying around the mountain ranges, I can easily make over 250 Gold!!

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