Netherweave Cloth

Netherweave Cloth is the new Runecloth of the Outlands and is needed by a lot of different professions to get their skill maxed out at 375. For that reason, Netherweave Cloth is always in demand and sells great in the Auction House. I found the best place to farm for these in Hellfire Peninsula at the Pools of Aggonar. Here you are looking for the Terrorfiends which are only a level 61 mob. These guys drop the cloth just about every single kill and you can get a stack of these in less than 10 minutes. These can be sold for about 8 gold each in the Auction House. Doing this for an hour comes to almost 50 Gold per hour just from the Netherweave. With everything else factored in that you receive as loot during this time, it can easily jump to almost 80 Gold per hour! If this spot is getting hit a lot, another spot I like to visit is the Lake surrounding Halaa in Nagrand. Down here, you will find a lot of Boulderfist Ogres who drop the Netherweave almost every kill as well. These guys are a bit higher of a level but I hardly ever see people down here killing these guys.

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