Primal Might

Alchemists should learn how to make Primal Mights as soon as they can. This limited supply pattern is sold in Shattrath by Skreah for 8 Gold. If you don't have Alchemy, you can sell this pattern for about 15 Gold in the Auction House so it's still worth buying no matter what your profession is. Ok, so now that you have the recipe, you need the following primals to transmute a Primal Might: Air, Earth, Fire, Mana, Water. You should be able to collect these motes to make these on your own. Once you have them, you can create the Primal Might which sells for about 125 Gold! The only downside is that there is a 24 hour cooldown. Even so, you can still create a Primal Might every day from the other primals that you are already collecting and make 125 Gold which is more than selling the other primals individually. What that means is that even if you don't collect the primals yourself, you can still buy them at the Auction House and make a big profit by just transmuting them and then selling the crafted Primal Might.

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