Primal Shadow

Primal Shadows sell for the least amount of money between all the Primals but with the loot you can get while collecting these, it does add up to a nice amount of gold. One of the best places is from the Terrorfiends in Hellfire Peninsula. These guys can be found all over the Pools of Aggonar. They are around level 61 so they can be killed very fast. These guys also drop a ton of Netherweave Cloth and Runecloth on just about every kill which is a nice supplement to the Motes of Shadows that you are collecting. I have also gotten a couple lockboxes and a lot of greens as well. Another great spot in Hellfire Peninsula is to the South at The Warp Fields. Here you will find a lot of Uncontrolled Voidwalkers which drop motes about every 3rd kill or so. These voidwalkers respawn very fast and not very many people come down here. Both of these are easy spots that are pretty close together which is nice for those that aren't level 70 or don't have a flying mount yet. If you are a higher level and can take on some of the higher level mobs in the Outlands, a great spot is the Ruins of Farahlon in Netherstorm for the Hound of Culuthas who will also drop a lot of greens.

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