Before patches are applied to the servers, they are first tested out on the test realm servers. An awesome way for you to make a lot of gold is to scout what people are saying about changes that are going to be applied in the next patch. To do this, just go to the World of Warcraft site and go to their forums. Once there, select the "Test Realm Forum" from the drop down. It's here where you can find out which items are going to get nerfed or buffed. For those about to get nerfed, make sure you sell any that you have as their value will be going down. For the ones that are going to be buffed or have their % chance to drop decreased, make sure you stock up on these as they will be worth a lot more in the near future. In addition to items, you will also find that people post a lot of information in these forums when it comes to making gold with the next patch that will be released. This is definitely something that you should take a look at every once in awhile so that you are ahead of all other players when the patch finally arrives.

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