Server Maintenance Windows

Keep an eye on the Message Window when you first start up World of Warcraft to see when they reboot. They will usually have a maintenance schedule or give you a couple days notice on when they are rebooting the servers. When this happens there are two things you HAVE to do. Before the reboot, start bidding very low on the auctions that have Short or Medium time left. When the reboot occurs you will be the high bidder and because the servers are offline, other players can't outbid you. This allows you to get some very nice items for a lot less than they would normally go for which you can then in turn put back up for sale for EASY money. After the reboot, the Limited Supply Items are back up for sale at a lot of the merchants. If you can get online shortly after the server is back up, make sure you hit up a lot of the merchants and vendors. Some areas that are loaded with them and are very close to each other so you can get to them all very quickly are Ratchet, Booty Bay, and Gadgetzan.

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