This gathering profession can also generate a lot of gold for you too because these items are needed for multiple professions such as Leatherworking, Tailoring, and even Blacksmithing. One of the best tips I can give you is to find places where it is necessary for players to kill enemies/creatures for a quest. It's at these places where you can skin a lot in a small area without having to spend the time fighting. Stranglethorn Vale is a very good example of this. There are about a dozen quests or so given out a Nesingwary's Expedition to the north. You will find a TON of Raptors, Tigers, and Panthers that you can skin. Another is Un'Goro where you will be able to skin a lot of Devilsaurs and Gorillas.

Once you get to the higher levels, you should definitely head on over to Winterspring where you will find Shardtooths just about everywhere. There are 2 main clusters of Elder Shardtooths that you should visit because they will have a higher drop rate. These guys will drop a lot of Rugged Leather (3 Gold Per Stack) and Warbear Leather (6 Gold Per Stack) and you can skin the mobs in these areas as well for more hide. Taking into account the leather, skinning, and loot you'll find along the way, you can make about 40 Gold per hour from these guys. The only complaint I have about skinning is that you typically can't stack the items in groups of 20. This causes you to take up some extra space in your bags. To address this, buy bigger bags which won't be a problem with the additional gold you are bringing in now or you can mail them to your alt as soon as you get to a mailbox.

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