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Silithus is where I call my home

Fishing Places Silithus

Shadowforge key to open it (obtained by completing a quest inside BRD). Once through there you can either walk straight ahead or turn right through another door. You want to walk straight ahead to the area called the Dark Iron Highway. In these area is where you are going to make tons of gold mining ore. There are numerous dark iron spawn points in this area and on each run you should be able to get to one or two of them. Simply mine the ore, leave and reset the instance to do it all over again. You will need a couple of people at least for this or if you are a rogue or druid you can stealth in. Also, hunters can run in and feign death to escape the mobs around the ore. Some times you will need to clear some mobs around the ore to mine it. Sometimes it will all be clear for you. Other times it will be behind so many mobs you won't be able to reach it and will have to reset the instance right away. A word of warning about the mobs in here- there are bloodhounds in this are that can see...

Primal Mana

Primal Mana is another one of the more popular selling primals that currently goes for about 25 gold in the Auction House. Netherstorm is just about the only zone that you can find these. I've tried a lot of different spots in this zone and have 2 that seem to be better than the rest. The first is at Wizard's Row in Kirin'var Village where you will find Mana Seekers and Mageslayers. Both of these have a good drop rate for motes of mana and because not very many people go here, you should always be able to find plenty of these to kill. This spot is a gold mine when it comes to making Primal Manas. The other spot is the areas just north and south of Area 52 where you will find a lot Mana Wraiths and Nether Rays. You should get these motes about 1 out of every 3 kills from these guys as well. Also, if you have Herbalism as one of your professions, keep an eye out for Netherbloom which can be found a lot in these areas as well. Stacks of these will fetch you about 50 Gold each I've never...

Arathi Basin

Either the lumber mill, blacksmith shop or gold mine. Only take two of them though and leave a defensive group here. Now your remaining players are part of a mobile defensive squad that will run to one of your captured nodes when it comes under assault and try to assault a nearby node if the enemy is disorganized.

The Explorers Guild

Though many of them think the dwarves' obsession with the titans verges on the ridiculous, the soldiers and diplomats of the Alliance are happy to support the efforts of the Explorers' Guild so long as it continues to provide useful news from distant and unexplored places. In addition to the cultural and geographic intelligence it gathers, information provided by the Guild has allowed the Alliance to produce a map of more than 400 untapped gold mines across Khaz Modan and Lordaeron in preparation for an eventual move north to battle the Scourge.

Goblin Ranks

The heart of the goblin world is Kezan. I already went into detail on this place elsewhere (see Lands of Conflict, Chapter 4 South Seas), so instead I'll focus on the goblins themselves. Your average goblin is 3 feet and 40 pounds of sneaky back-handedness and mischief bound by a leathery green skin. Goblin greed goes so far that they are willing to destroy entire swaths of nature or entire races to make a gold nugget. These guys would sell their own mothers, if they could. In fact, many often do. Slavery, as illegal as it may be elsewhere, is a legitimate trade among goblins, and owning and selling of slaves is actually a rank within their society. The nerve of the little green upstarts

Making Gold in BRD

There is a gold mine waiting for you over in Blackrock Depths (BRD) that you just have to know about. At the Grim Guzzler Tavern inside of BRD, you will find Lokhtos Darkbargainer of The Thorium Brotherhood. What you need to do is build up your reputation so that you can purchase some top of the line Patterns and Plans. The way you do this is by completing quests and selling him certain items such as Dark Iron Ore and Core Leather. As you increase your reputation with him, he will begin selling you some of the 30 plans and patterns that he offers such as the Plans Dark Iron Destroyer and the Pattern Molten Helm. To see a more comprehensive list

Gold Coast Quarry

In this small area, you can find a ton of copper and tin veins. With the new Jewelcrafting profession, these lower level ores sell very well in the Auction House. A stack of Copper Ore currently sells for about 2.5 Gold and Tin Ore sells for about 3 Gold per stack. After the expansion was released, I have seen stacks of the Copper Ore selling for as high as 7 Gold so keep an eye on the Auction House because this fluctuates quite a bit based on the supply at the time. If you have mining and you should because it is the most profitable profession out there, then you should definitely patrol this quarry to collect a lot of Copper and Tin in a short amount of time.

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