O You can include only cards that share one or more trait icons with your hero in your deck Some neutral cards dont have any trait icons You can put those cards into any deck

You can put any number of Ironforge Guards in your deck since it has the "unlimited" keyword.
Landro Longshot is a neutral ally and may be used by Horde or Alliance heroes.
Mooncloth Robe can be used by Warlocks, Priests, and Mages.

o Some tournament formats may allow players to bring a ten-card side deck. If a side deck is used, it may contain any card that is normally allowed in your main deck. You can switch out cards from your side deck on a one-for-one basis after the first game of a match. In future sets and raid decks, interesting mechanics will be added that interact with your side deck.

o in future World of Warcraft TCG expansions, your hero's race and professions will determine additional cards that you can add to your deck.

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