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Deathknights are a really complicated class to understand the first time you play them. Due to the fact that they start at level 55, it makes it even more complicated. Luckily they don't start with a huge barrage of skills that you have no idea what they do. It's often debated amongst the Death Knight community what spec is best for leveling. I'm with the Unholy section of the community.

Alright, Upon first creating a Death Knight you have to following skills available to you; Death Grip:

Harness the unholy energy that surrounds and binds all matter, drawing the target toward the Death Knight and forcing the enemy to attack the Death Knight for 3 seconds.

This ability is more than a taunt, its kind of like Intercept, but pulls the target to you. It's very usefull, I have it bound to the left click on my mouse.

Icy Touch:

Deals 217 to 235 Frost damage modified by attack power and reduces the target's ranged, melee attack and casting speed by 15% for 20 seconds.

I have this ability bound to number 7, I don't find it very usefull.

Plague Strike:

A vicious strike that deals 30% weapon damage plus 9.9 and infects the target with Blood Plague, a disease dealing Shadow damage over time. The Strike removes one heal over time effect from the target.

This i have bound to "." this is one of the most important abilities that i use every second its up.

Until i get Scourge Strike which replaces this. Blood Strike:

Instantly Strike the enemy, causing 50% weapon damage plus 22.5. Each disease on the target causes an additional 11.25 damage.

This i use when my Plague Strike is on cooldown, I have it bound to 4. This is very usefull if you decide to go blood.


Fire a blast of unholy energy, causing Shadow damage to a enemy target or healing damage from a friendly undead target

This is a very good skill as well. I typically always use it for damage but it also can be used to heal. I have this skill bound to 6.

As time goes on you'll be getting more and more skills place them where you feel most comfortable.

Spec [013]

This is my prefered spec for leveling. Theres no point in spreading it all out due to the fact that you get talent points so fast. This spec allows you to control you ghouls and allows more damage output then the other specs. Deathknights will get talents from doing quests through the beginner levels, so its very important to not skip any quests. Here is what the spec should look like from levels 58-80:

Death Knight 55-58 [014]

Runeforge Lich King

When you log in you deathknight head forward and talk to The Lich King aka Arthas. Grab his quest then turn around and run in the large room and refresh it at Instructor Razuvious. Head over to the Runeforge (It looks like a giant skull). Grab a weapon off the weapon rack and right click it while standing in front of the forge. Now that you have your new weapon return to Razuvious and refresh your quest. Return to the Runeforge with your newly crafted sword and open your spellbook. In the main tab you'll find "Runeforging". Open this trade skill and Engrave the weapon with a rune of your choosing.

Return to Razuvious and refresh your quest. Head into the center of this room and right click on one of the Soul Prisons that binds the Unworthy Initiates. It will free them, Just spam all the skills available to you, until its dead. Return to Razuvious and refresh your quest, Then over to The Lich King and refresh your quest. Now to the left of The Lich King you'll see the Eye of Acherus Control Mechanism. Right Click it to gain control of a LOTR eye ball (Yes i forget the name of it, Saurman? Saurmon? DAMN!)

Anyway, now that you have control of the eye ball head to the;

New Avalon Forge New Avalon Town Hall Scarlet Hold and Chapel of the Crimson Flame

At each of these locations you need to use the first ability on the pet bar to analyze it. Once you've analyzed all 4 use the ability that looks like an X, it will allow you to regain control of your death knight and turn in the quest. Grab the followup, and head down the staircase on the way to Razuvious, but stop at the bottom of the staircase and go into the pink teleporter. You'll be teleported to another room, where you have to speak with Highlord Darlon Mograine. Refresh your quest then head to the Balcony and refresh your quest again at Scourge Commander Thalanor.

Head to the left of him and hop onto the Scourge Gryphon. You'll go for a quick ride and end up in Death's Breach. Turn in your quest then grab all the new ones that pop up all over the place. Duel players in town or Death Knight Initiate's and win 5 times to complete "Death's Challenge". Afterword jump down over the hill and head to (2). Here you need to jump onto a Swift Palamino and ride it back to town. Dismount it infront of Salanar and refresh your quest. You'll enter a spirit type world, in it return to where we just were and kill an Archerus Deathcharger, and then mount his mount.

Ride it back to town and use the first ability on your bar to call out Salanar and you'll enter the land of the living again. Turn in your quest then mount up on your new pimped out super cool mount. Head back to where you jacked the Swift Palamino and kill 10 Scarlet Crusaders, 10 Citizens of Havenshire and collect 15 Saronite Arrows. Also while you're down here look at your minimap and head to the "!" that says "Abandoned Mail". Open the mail and complete the quest, grab anything out of the mailbox that might be there then get back to questing! =D

If you're having a hard time finding them the best place for Saronite arrows Is (3). Once you're done both of these quests return to town and refresh your quest. Head over to Gothik the Harvestor and refresh your quest again then head east to the mines(4). Here you have to use your Gift of the Harvestor on the Scarlet Miners. They will ether turn into ghosts or ghouls, kill the ghosts and the ghouls will join your side. When you get all 5 ghouls return to Gothik and refresh your quest, then run over and speak with Prince Valanar and refresh your quest again.

Return to the mine and right outside the upper entrance you'll see a outhouse. Right near that you'll see the mine car, hop in and let the Scarlet Miner drag you onto the ships. Hop on one of the cannons and start blasting away using ability 1. If any of them make it onto the ship use ability 2. When all 100 are dead use ability 3 to call down a Gryphon to take you to safety. Now take the Scourge Gryphon back into the Citadel and head to one of the trainers to train your level 56 skills. After you train refresh your quest at Highlord Darion Mograine then return to Death's Breach.

Back at Death's Breach refresh your quest at Valanar. Now head to (3) on the map and accept the quest from Noth the Plaguebringer and continue south to the Crypt(5). Prince Keleseth's inside refresh your quest at him and grab the quest that pops up at Baron Rivendare. Head south outside of the crypt to New Avalon and and do the following quests;

"Lambs to the Slaughter" Kill 10 Scarlet Crusade Soldiers Kill 15 Citizens of New Avalon

"The Plague Binger's Request" 1 Empty Cauldron from the Inn(6) 1 Iron Chain from the Blacksmith(7) 10 Crusader Skulls from the Humans

"Nowhere to Run And Nowhere To Hide" Kill Mayor Quimbly (8)

Collect New Avalon Town Registry (Right next to mayor)

When all 3 of the quests are complete return to the Crypt of Remebrance and refresh your quests. Head over to Noth and refresh your quest as well. Right in front of him a cauldron will pop up, toss the skulls you got in it then return to New Avalon. Open the box that Kelesath gave you and take the two one handed swords out. Equip both of them and find a Scarlet Soldier (NOT A CITIZEN) and auto attack them until they decide to talk. This quest will take awhile, just keep auto attacking them to death until one spills the beans. When one finally talks listen to them until your quest completes, then return to Keleseth and refresh your quest.

Back inside New Avalon and head to Orbaz Bloodbane(9). Refresh your quest then go to the to the Scarlet Hold(10). Proceed up the stairs into main room and loot the New Avalon Patrol Schedule. Return to Orbaz with the schedule and turn in your quest, grab the new quest that pops up at Thassarian then return to the Scarlet Hold. This time go into the Basement and refresh your quest at Koltira. He'll start a scene, stay in the magic field and nuke the Scarlet Crusade from inside of it. When Volroth comes out, kill him then loot the remains he drops on the ground. (If you don't get the tag, don't worry everyone can loot the remains.)

With the remains in hand return to Thassarian and refresh your quest. From the tavern head to Knight Commander Plaguefist(11) and refresh your quest. Head into the building to the southeast and to the slave you have to kill. They'll talk some sense into you then you'll be forced to kill them. When they're dead return to Knight Commander Plaguefist and refresh your quest. Return to the tavern refresh your quest supply.

From the tavern head east to the Scarlet Overlook. Use the Makeshift Cover where my (12) is on the map. Wait for the Scarlet Courier to come out then ambush him. Loot both of the items you need then return to Orbaz Bloodbane and refresh your quest. With the disguise on head to High General Abbendis at King's Harbor(13). Refresh your quest then return to Orbaz with the journal and newly acquired information. Refresh your quest and take the portal he opens behind himself. (If he bugs out for you and doesn't open it, talk to him again and tell him you missed the first portal.)

Back in Acherus refresh your quest at Highlord Darion Mograin and then head further north to Lord Thorval. Do his quick talk to for Xp then train, head to the Scourge Gryphon and fly down to Death's Breach. Refresh your quest at The Lich King then use the Horn of the Frostbrood he gives you. Fly south to New Avalon and use ability 1 on your bars to kill 10 Balistas and 150 Scarlet Soldiers. Once you're done fly back to The Lich King and refresh your quest. Head to the Browman Mill(14) and refresh your quest at Scourge Commander Thalanor. Head to Light's Hope Chapel, engage in the fight and then when it ends watch the long amazing scene between everyone.

Once its over refresh your quest at Highlord Darion Mograine. Use your Death Gate ability to return to Acherus and refresh your quest at Highlord Darion Mograine again. Take the teleporter up stairs and kill 10 Scourge and Patchwerk. After all of them are dead head back to Highlord Darion Mograine and refresh your quest. Train your skills then head to Orgrimmar and give your letter to Thrall.

Now you have to go to outlands and level up to 70, then you can continue to Borean


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