Battle Shaman Alterations

Battle shaman have much slower spell progression than normal shaman; in fact, they don't even gain spells until 4th level and cannot cast spells higher than 4th level. A battle shaman's caster level is equal to half his shaman level. Use Table 2-2: Battle Shaman Spell Slots per Day to determine the battle shaman's spell progression. (Battle shaman gain domains and domain spells like other shaman, but, as their spell progression is slower, they do not gain as many domain spells.) In addition, battle shaman do not get Brew Potion at 1st level, nor do they gain the rebirth inspiration at 16th level. They cannot turn or rebuke elementals. Instead, battle shaman gain the following class features at the indicated levels:

• 1st Level — Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Battle shaman are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with light, medium and heavy armor, and with shields (but not tower shields).

• 1st Level — Fury of the Spirits: The battle shaman's base attack bonus progression changes to "good." That is,

his shaman base attack bonus is equal to his shaman level, just as a warrior's base attack bonus is equal to his warrior level. The battle shaman gains iterative attacks when his base attack bonus equals +6, +11 and +16, as normal.

• 2nd Level — Bonus Feat: Battle shaman practice for combat. He gains one bonus feat chosen from the list of warrior bonus feats.

• 16th Level — Wrath of the Spirits (Su): By drawing on the anger of the spirits, battle shaman can strike their enemies dead instantly. Once per day, he may attempt a wrath strike with one normal melee attack. He must declare his intent to use this ability before he makes his attack roll. If he hits, the target must attempt a Fortitude save (DC 15 + the battle shaman's Spirit modifier) or die. If the save is successful, the attack deals normal damage plus an additional 3d6 + shaman level points of damage. If the attack misses, the strike has no effect but is still used up for that day. Wrath of the spirits is a death effect.

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