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Dark rangers draw their spells from the forces of darkness and death. The dark ranger's spell list

Table 3-2: The Dark Ranger (Dkr)


Attack Fort

Bonus Save

Spells, archery combat style (Rapid Shot), extended range, ranged backstab +1d6_

Heightened perception, shadowmeld_

Ranged backstab +2d6_

Keen arrows_

Swift tracker, ranged backstab +3d6_

Bow strike, archery combat style (Manyshot)_

Ranged backstab +4d6_


Hide in plain sight, ranged backstab +5d6_

Arrow cleave, archery combat style (Improved Precise Shot)_

Class Level

Ref Save

Will Save

Table Class Level 1st

3-3: DaRk RangeR Slots peR Day 2nd 3rd



1st 0

2nd 1

3rd 1


4th 1


5th 1



6th 1



7th 2




8th 2 1 1 1

9th 2




10th 2




B— - — — S

features plenty of necromantic spells, as well as several curses that wrack the bodies and enslave the minds of their enemies.

1st Level — Cause fear, charm person, cure light wounds, doom, inflict light wounds, lesser shadow word pain, magic weapon, shadowmeld, summon undead I.

2nd Level — Black arrow*, cat's grace, cure moderate wounds, darkness, death knell, owl's wisdom, inflict moderate wounds, silence, summon undead II.

3rd Level — Banshee's curse*, contagion, cure serious wounds, deeper darkness, inflict serious wounds, poison*, shadow word pain, suggestion, summon undead III.

4th Level — Bestow curse, cure critical wounds, drain life, dominate person, freedom of movement, inflict critical wounds, summon undead IV.

* See Chapter 4: Magic and Faith.

Description: All shaman and witch doctors know of ways to invoke spirits to do their bidding. The hexer takes this craft to a new level, calling the wrath of spirits down upon his enemies. With a dance and a chant, he weakens and debilitates his foes. If a particular enemy becomes troublesome, he can bind a hostile spirit into an idol, delivering a permanent curse.

Hexers attract spirits to do their bidding through the use of music, chants, dances or other types of performance. Therefore, a high Perform skill is desirable for this prestige class. The idols a hexer creates usually take the form of carvings or other types of figures (the classic voodoo doll, for example), so some ability to craft is also necessary.

Hexers in the World: The typical hexer is the stereotypical voodoo priest, dressed in animal skins, dancing wildly about a bubbling cauldron as he calls forth spirits to do his bidding. Hexers almost always hail from tribal cultures, and are particularly well known among jungle trolls. Some tauren take up the craft, though it is dark; and while the art was lost for a while to the orcs, they recently rediscovered it while returning to their spiritual roots. Hexers are virtually unknown outside the Horde.

Most people see hexers as mysterious and perhaps a little disturbed, especially since hexer performances are bizarre. Since nobody can see or interact with the "spirits" a hexer calls forth, some believe a hexer's art is all smoke and mirrors, designed merely to intimidate and distract the enemy. Nonetheless, the hexer's powers affect believers and nonbelievers alike.

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